The Division Special Ammo Nerfs Coming Soon

"This is a proper nerf."


Speaking today on The Division's latest State of the Game broadcast, Ubisoft Massive shared some new details on the major changes coming to the game next week with a new update.

One of the biggest adjustments is that both types of special ammo, explosive and incendiary, are getting nerfed big time. "This is a proper nerf," senior designer Fredrik Thylander explained.

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Both types of ammo have been reduced "in the neighborhood" of 75 percent as it relates to effectiveness. Here's how Thylander described the changes:

"Incendiary ammo lasts for much shorter. The actual burn effect when you hit someone; it lasts for 30 percent of what it used to last for. For explosive ammo, the typical use case that we see a lot is the M44 with some explosive ammo; you'd do like 25,000 damage and then an explosion for 100,000. No longer the case.

"So now the explosion will always be for the exact damage that the bullet was--so they always scale 1:1. It's scaled a little bit differently depending on your build and some other factors."

If you've been frustrated by being killed with the M44 with one shot (plus explosive ammo), that's no longer going to be possible, Thylander explained.

You can watch a replay of the State of the Game broadcast here on Twitch.

The Division's 1.3 update, which introduces these new changes, is scheduled to come out on Tuesday, June 28. It will be available on that date for Xbox One and PC, but not PS4 because something apparently went wrong and it's been delayed.

Also launching on June 28 is The Division's first paid expansion, Underground, though it will only be available for Xbox One and PC at that time. It comes to PS4 on August 2.

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