The Division, Rainbow Six Siege Bundled Together for $80 on Xbox One

This new digital bundle saves you $30 over purchasing each game individually, but physical copies are cheaper.


Two Ubisoft shooters that exist in the Tom Clancy universe, The Division and Rainbow Six Siege, are now being offered in a double-pack for $80. This package, which Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb announced on his blog today, is only offered on Xbox One as a digital bundle.

The Division sells for $60 from the Xbox Games Store while Siege goes for $50. If you're sure you want both, this bundle seems like the way to go, as it saves you around $30. You could get the games for less if you prefer physical copies. For example, The Division is going for around $30 and Siege is available for around $24 right now on Amazon.

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You can find the Division + Siege bundle on your Xbox One, while you can also buy it from, which will automatically kick off the download the next time you boot up your console.

The Division is still getting new content, as multiple expansions are on the way, along with a new update in the form of 1.4. The update was supposed to be discussed in detail during a livestream event this week, but that has been delayed.

As for Siege, Ubisoft continues to update that game as well. Just today, the developer outlined a new patch coming tomorrow that makes changes to operators, gadgets, and weapon balancing. The update also includes a number of bug fixes. Check back with GameSpot soon for more.

$32.99 on Amazon
$5.99 on Walmart

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