The Division PS4 vs. Xbox One Graphics/Frame Rate Comparison

You can't go wrong with either version, though the PS4 edition holds a slight edge, according to new report.


If you're thinking about picking up The Division on console and are wondering which platform--PlayStation 4 or Xbox One--holds the advantage in terms of resolution and frame rate, a new report sheds some light on that. Digital Foundry has posted its performance analysis--and the results mirror what was found for the beta. Both platforms offer a similar experience in terms of resolution and frame rate, Digital Foundry said.

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When it comes to resolution, the PS4 outputs in native 1080p throughout the game, while Xbox One uses a dynamic resolution to reach 1080p. The Xbox One version hits 1080p without any trouble for indoor settings, but drops slightly to 1792x1008 and 1728x972 for some outdoor locations.

Digital Foundry reports that things like street signs and fine details on objects in the distance can appear "a little softer" on Xbox One. By and large, the Xbox One and PS4 versions "look extremely close during gameplay," though differences may be spotted when chromatic aberration is toggled off.

In terms of frame rate, both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of The Division mostly hold steady at 30fps. However, Digital Foundry discovered that the Xbox One edition can at times struggle with the game's rendering load, leading to slight stuttering in cutscenes as well as during moments when players move from an indoor to an outdoor location. The site theorized that the Xbox One version's use of a dynamic resolution might be the culprit here.

Overall, though, Digital Foundry said the Xbox One's minor drops in performance do not negatively impact the overall experience in any significant way. The final verdict? PS4 has the edge, but only slightly.

"PS4 offers up a touch more refinement with a locked 1080p resolution and stable frame-rates across all scenes, however, the Xbox One version is practically identical where it counts, and the visual differences are small enough to pass by unseen," the site said. "Performance issues appear to be limited to occasional scenes, and overall both consoles provide solid, smooth gameplay."

GameSpot is currently working on our review of The Division and we will have it for you in the days ahead. For now, you can check out this roundup of 15 essential tips. In other news about The Division, the game is now Ubisoft's fastest-selling game ever.

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