The Division PC Beta Keys Being Given Away by Nvidia

Guarantee yourself a ticket in without preordering.


Tom Clancy's The Division

Preordering The Division guarantees you access to the beta, but if you're unsure about making that commitment, you can snag yourself a key for the PC version right now for free.

Nvidia is currently giving away keys to the beta through its website. It's unclear how many it has to go around, so if you're intent on trying the game, you should act quickly. As of this writing, the site seems to be undergoing some issues, possibly due to high demand.

You'll need a Uplay account in order to redeem the key. If you don't already have one, you can create one for free.

The beta is currently underway on Xbox One, with the PS4 and PC versions set to begin tomorrow, January 29. The test will then conclude on January 31, ahead of the game's launch on March 8.

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