The Division Mythbusters Video Tests Shooting Dark Zone Players From Out of Bounds

I want to know how all these enemies are surviving shots directly to the head.


If you're playing The Division and thinking about saving your buddy by blowing them up, you might want to think again. YouTuber DefendTheHouse is back with another Mythbusters video, and this time they've discovered that you can't bring a downed ally closer to you with explosives.

The latest Mythbusters video also tests theories on the effectiveness of cornering enemies with mobile covers, whether weapon talents activate by killing animals, and the ability to shoot into the Dark Zone from out of bounds.

The Division's first Mythbusters video gave answers to questions such as, "Can you create a portable Smart Cover by attaching it to a Ballistic Shield' and "Is it true that enemies will not attack you if you are in an elevator?" You can watch that one right here.

In related news, an Easter egg that references Chris Farley SNL character Matt Foley was discovered in The Division. You can check out more easter eggs in the videos below:

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