The Division Lets You Have Up to Four Characters

You can also change your skills on the fly.


You won't be restricted to playing just one character in The Division; you can actually have up to four.

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That's according to associate lead UI artist Lars Vincent, who was responding to a fan-submitted question in a new video Ubisoft released today.

"You can have more than one character in the Division. You can have up to four characters at the same time," he explained. "You just have to choose in the Start menu which one you want." Vincent said this is ideal for playing with various groups of friends at different levels.

For comparison, Destiny--another cooperative shooter--limits players to three character slots.

You might not necessarily want or need multiple characters, though. As explained elsewhere in the video, while you can only have two skills equipped at any time, you're free to swap between those you've unlocked at any time. That means you aren't locked into one particular build with your character.

A beta for The Division is scheduled to begin in December, while the full game is due out on March 8. We recently learned that the in-game weather will have an impact on gameplay, and not just in terms of visibility.

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