The Division Leak Reveals Game Has at Least 26 Missions at Launch - Report

Data-mining effort also reveals weapon list, possible DLC, and more.

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Ahead of The Division's launch this week, someone on Reddit has managed to mine the game's files to reveal, among other things, that the third-person shooter will offer at least 26 missions out of the gate.

Redditor itsgamerdoc (via Forbes) says they stayed up for 21 hours straight to mine the game's data files for interesting info.

Regarding the 26 missions, itsgamerdoc says they have found "pretty much all" of the missions; you can find a link to check them out here on Reddit.

In the beta, it took me maybe 20-30 minutes to complete a mission, though I think the Subway Morgue mission from the open beta took me even longer. Assuming that each missions takes about that time, that would mean the full game may take around 10-11 hours to complete. Of course, everyone plays at their own pace and the game also offers the Dark Zone PvP area.

Additionally, Ubisoft will support The Division will free content in April and May, while paid expansions are coming in the summer.

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Another item that came out of the data-mining leak was a reference to missions set in Brooklyn. This borough was shown off in earlier demos of The Division, but is not included for launch. Its listing in the leak follows Ubisoft's admission that Brooklyn-based content could come to The Division as DLC sometime down the road.

The data-mining effort also turned up vehicles such as a waterplane and a machine gun-outfitted helicopter, as well as 139 total weapons (not counting mods for them). You can see tons more from the leak here on Reddit, but note that all of this is unofficial and it may contain what you might consider spoilers.

GameSpot has contacted Ubisoft in an attempt to get more details.

The Division officially launches on Tuesday, March 8. Servers go live that day at 00:01 AM Australia time, which is actually the morning of Monday, March 7. Reviews will not be available at launch, though keep checking back with GameSpot for coverage of the game this week.

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