The Division Infographic Reveals Most Popular Gun, Lots of Jumping Jacks

A good deal of time has been spent watching virtual jumping jacks.


The Division has now been out for just over a month. Ahead of the big April update's release, Ubisoft has released an infographic detailing some statistics about what players have spent the last few weeks doing.

Players have killed a staggering 17,258,673,433 enemies since the game's launch. The most popular primary weapon of choice, meanwhile, is the Classic AK-47.

More than half of players' time spent in the game has been on their own; only 42.8 percent of the average play time was spent in cooperative sessions. Players have done 150 million jumping jacks, but sadly the infographic doesn't break down the number of these that were sad, solo jumping jacks done only for the benefit of AI-controlled civilians.

The infographic (below) also doesn't go into things like the number of times players have died. That number is sure to jump up beginning tomorrow, as the game's first Incursion is being added as part of the big April update. This features a standard difficulty mode, as well as a more challenging version that's proven too difficult even for members of the development staff.

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Daily missions have temporarily disappeared from the game due to a bug, but these are set to return with the release of update 1.1 tomorrow, April 12. You can see the full patch notes for the update here.

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