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The Division Hits 9.5 Million Registered Players, Far Cry Primal Exceeds Expectations

The numbers are in.


As part of its latest earnings report today, Ubisoft announced that The Division currently has 9.5 million registered users. Additionally, Ubisoft said "active" players are spending an average of three hours per day in the game. The Division launched in March, breaking records for Ubisoft and across the industry.

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Another bright spot for Ubisoft during the year was February's Far Cry Primal, which "exceeded expectations" and enjoyed the "best performance ever for a game released in the month of February."

Additionally, Rainbow Six Siege "doubled its audience" during the year, Ubisoft said, though a specific player figure was not shared. The current number of daily active users is at 60 percent of what the peak was fo DAU, which is a "remarkable performance" for four months after launch, Ubisoft said. It is also a "clear illustration of the exceptional retention power of the game's multiplayer mode."

Ubisoft's report today detailed its performance for the fiscal fourth quarter and full year. For the 12-month period, sales slid 4.8 percent, coming in at €1.4 billion, compared to €1.46 billion last year. Income, however, showed growth, rising from €112.6 million to €129 million.

For the fourth quarter alone, revenue was €624.9. This was up 267.7 percent compared to the €169.9 million that Ubisoft pulled in during the same three-month period a year ago.

Revenue from digital sources came in at €446.7 million for the year, which was up 16.7 percent. Digital revenue made up 32 percent of total sales, which compares to 26.1 percent during the year prior. It was also above Ubisoft's own target of 30 percent.

Back-catalog sales for Ubisoft were also strong, rising 45.6 percent, and coming in at €354.6 million. Overall, back-catalog sales made up 25.4 percent of all of Ubisoft's revenue during the fiscal year.r

Below are some other notable slides from Ubisoft's earnings presentation. The company is currently holding an earnings call to discuss these results and more; check back soon for more.

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