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The Division Heartland Leak Reveals Four Reported Modes

The four modes are said to be Excursion, Storm, Nightfall, and Hunt.


New details have emerged regarding one of Ubisoft's upcoming games, The Division: Heartland. Tom Henderson reports for Try Hard Guides that the free-to-play Heartland will have four modes, which is two more than was previously reported.

According to the report, Heartland's four modes include Excursion, Storm, Nightfall, and Hunt. Excursion is a PvE mode where players must scavenge for loot and explore a map as they struggle to survive against AI until they can extract via a helicopter, according to the report. In the PvPvE mode Storm, meanwhile, players must fight against real human players as they scavenger for items. The Storm mode has deadly gas that expands from random points during each match, according to the report.

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As for Nightfall, the report said this is an objective-based PvE mode where players need to scavenge for loot to survive, but with the added twist of completing objectives during rounds as well. Examples mentioned in the report include hunting down targets and deploying beacons. In Nightfall, players cannot extract at night and must defeat AI enemies called "Vultures" until morning light, the report said.

The fourth mode mentioned in the report is Hunt. The report didn't have much information this mode, but its name suggests it will be a more traditional head-to-head PvP mode.

Finally, the report said Heartland will have cross-play support and that the title is far along in development and could launch before the end of the year.

As for when we may see more of Heartland, the report said more details might come during the Xbox Not-E3 showcase on June 12 or possibly during Ubisoft's showcase "in the coming months." Ubisoft has not, however, announced any plans for a showcase for this year.

GameSpot has contacted Ubisoft in an attempt to get more information.

In addition to The Division Heartland, Ubisoft is developing a The Division mobile game.

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