The Division Has Its First Level 99 Dark Zone Player

Chaos 3KS started playing The Division 41 seconds after the game's servers came online.


The Division player Chaos 3KS has reached level 99 in the game's Dark Zone mode, becoming the first player in the world to reach the mode's level cap, Ubisoft announced today. You can see some of the player's statistics in the image below, which Ubisoft shared on the game's website.

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"After playing for 130 hours, he now holds bragging rights to being the first player in the world to reach max level and max dark zone rank, just a week after the game came out," Ubisoft wrote.

Chaos 3SK started playing The Division 41 seconds after the servers were switched on.

"Thanks for an awesome grind Massive! Had a lot of fun and still having a lot of fun," Chaos 3SK wrote on Reddit. "If anyone cares, I stacked increased XP gear, and the last time I died was at level 93 and I lost 85,000 DZ experience for it."

The Division's regular level cap is 30, which of course Chaos 3SK has also achieved.

Chaos 3SK (and all other Division players) won't have to wait too much longer to check out new content, as Ubisoft will release free updates in April and May. Paid expansions will follow later in the summer.

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