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The Division Graphics Mod Makes Game Look Better Than Ever

SweetFX mod gets applied to The Division and the results are gorgeous.


The Division is set in a post-pandemic New York, but there can be beauty in the rubble. Using the beta version of the game, fans have now used the SweetFX mod to crank up the visuals for the PC edition.

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This mod was previously used for games like Star Wars Battlefront and Grand Theft Auto V to make them look better than ever. The result is much the same here with The Division.

YouTube user Xenthor Xi showcased The Division's better graphics in a pair of videos that you can watch below (via Eurogamer) To get the full effect, you'll want to spin the settings up to 1440p/60fps. You can assume that you'd need a pretty beefy rig to get the game looking this good, though Xenthor Xi did not provide any details on system specs.

The Division's closed beta wrapped up earlier this week. A second pre-release testing period, this time open to everyone, will reportedly start later this month, though this is not confirmed.

After multiple delays, The Division's full release is now scheduled for March 8. An Xbox One bundle featuring a 1 TB system and a copy of the game will be available at launch.

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