The Division Getting New Weekly In-Game Challenge Series

Check out the teaser trailer for The Division's new "Operation ISAC" weekly series.


The Division's upcoming Incursions update will not only introduce the game's first raid-like activities and a player-to-player loot-trading system, but also a new challenge series called Operation ISAC. Ubisoft announced the series today, which takes the form of a weekly in-game assignments program through which players can earn unspecified rewards.

The company is holding back specifics for how Operation ISAC challenges will work, but a teaser trailer has been released, while more details are set to be divulged next week.

As explained in the video, players can expect a new "transmission" every Tuesday from ISAC that details an in-game assignment that players can take on to earn rewards. ISAC (Intelligent System Analytic Computer) is the name of The Division's digital assistant who speaks to players to notify them of objectives and more.

The Division's Incursions update launches on April 12 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. That's also the date that the new Operation ISAC challenge system begins.

"Falcon Lost" is the name of The Division's first Incursion, and it's aimed at high-level players, as you will need roughly level 31 gear to be capable of taking on the challenge. For more on the Incursions update, you can check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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