The Division Gets New Weekly Missions

The first weekly mission tasks you with killing enemies, deconstructing items, and completing missions.


The Division's first weekly assignment is available now, and if you want to complete it, you'll have to kill a lot of enemies, deconstruct quite a few items, and complete some missions.

The weekly assignment was announced in the first Operation ISAC transmission on YouTube. Players will have to kill 50 cleaners in the Dark Zone, deconstruct 30 items of green or higher quality, kill 30 veteran enemies, and complete 10 main missions on Hard difficulty. You'll receive 30 Phoenix credits once you've completed all of the objectives.

Operation ISAC transmissions will happen every Tuesday, in which Ubisoft will announce the weekly assignment. Players will have to complete the objectives within the week to claim the reward.

The weekly assignments come with today's 1.1 update, which also adds the Falcon Lost incursion, new gear sets, and daily assignments.

You can watch GameSpot's livestream of The Division's new incursion update right here. If you want to see what it's like to beat the new incursion on Hard mode, then you can also watch this video.

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