The Division Gets Fallout 4-Inspired Trailer From Fan

You can "wander" in post-pandemic New York, too.


Remember Fallout 4's live-action "The Wanderer" trailer? Now, Berdu--an expert screenshot artist who has wowed us with his work before--has created an homage of sorts to it using The Division. Check it out:

This trailer uses similar over-the-shoulder shots that Bethesda employed in its video. Berdu's also follows a gun-toting man trekking through a ravaged world. Additionally, it uses the same song (Dion's "The Wanderer") and features its own version of Dogmeat.

Berdu's video even caught the attention of Ubisoft, which tweeted about it earlier today.

For comparison, here's the original Fallout 4 "The Wanderer" video from back in November.

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To see more of Berdu's impressive body of work, which includes incredible screenshots from DICE games like Star Wars Battlefront and titles in the Battlefield series, head to his Flickr page and website.

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