The Division Game vs. Reality Compared in Fan Video

Virtual NYC is a lot more run-down, of course, because of that whole pandemic thing.


Ubisoft's upcoming third-person shooter The Division is set in New York City, one of the most famous and recognizable cities in the world. You might be wondering how well Ubisoft replicated the real-world city in its game, and now, a fan video compares virtual NYC as seen in The Division and the real thing.

YouTube user showshowshowshow recently traveled to Manhattan and shot some video of landmarks like Madison Square Garden, Time's Square, the Empire State Building, and the James Farley Post Office Building. This footage is then shown compared against how The Division displays those places--and the results are pretty solid.

This footage was based on content available in The Division's beta, so it doesn't represent the entirety of the game. The fan said they plan to make a larger comparison video when The Division launches in full in March.

Of course, The Division's presentation of NYC depicts a future version of the city after the entire United States has collapsed. As such, The Division's NYC is more run-down than what you'd see if you went there today.

Speaking during a recent interview with Team Epiphany, a Ubisoft developer said there are some locations in Manhattan that will not show up in The Division due to licensing and rights considerations. However, these were not named outright.

This is not the first game vs. real-life comparison video for The Division, as an earlier one aired back in summer 2014.

After multiple delays, The Division's full release is now scheduled for March 8. A closed beta was held at the end of January, and according to an unverified report, an open beta will start later this month.

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