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The Division Exploit Lets You Deal Unlimited Damage

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The Division's latest discovered exploit can let players do an incredibly high amount of damage.

The Division's Falcon Lost glitch lets you kill the APC without AI knowing you're there, but developer Massive says it's working on a fix for the exploit and will punish players who take advantage of it. Well, it looks like the developer has another on their hands, as players have discovered an exploit that lets them deal an incredibly high amount of damage.

YouTuber Simplified shows how you can pull it off in a video. The first thing you'll need to do is have a weapon with the Competent talent, which is supposed to increase weapon damage by only 13 percent for 10 seconds after using a skill. To utilize the exploit, you'll need to switch between that weapon and another at a rapid pace "for about 5-10 minutes." Once the damage output has been raised--Simplified's went from 87,997 to 877,370--all you have to do to activate it is aim a sticky bomb or first aid. You can see how to do it yourself in the video below.

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Simplified goes on to demonstrate the change in damage, taking out enemies in one shot. The boost in damage is only tested on AI enemies, but if this exploit was used in the Dark Zone, it looks like it could take down other players fairly quickly, making for an unfair advantage in PVP encounters.

We've contacted Ubisoft for comment and will update this story as more information becomes available.

The Division was March's top-selling physical game in the US, but the multiplayer shooter has played host to many bugs, exploits, and issues since its launch. There's been a bug that involved craftable backpacks which locked players out of the game, an exploit that scored players fast Phoenix credits and loot, and an issue with update 1.1 that caused some characters to go missing.

Ubisoft has fixed some of these things and even offered compensation for the backpack bug; however, when the company said it would punish people for exploiting the Falcon Lost incursion glitch, players accused the developer of "deflecting blame."

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