The Division enlists Ghost Recon developer to create its weapons

Red Storm will work alongside Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft Reflections to create the game's virtual guns.

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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier developer Red Storm has revealed it is one of the development studios working on upcoming open-world adventure The Division.

Red Storm, based in North Carolina, will work alongside Swedish developer Massive Entertainment. The team is being put to work on creating the game's weapons.

Red Storm, which fancies itself as a bit of an expert in this field, says its accuracy in building virtual weapons comes from its connections with local military. “We’ve had manufacturers come in and literally disassemble the entire weapon all the way down to the nuts and bolts," said producer Tony Sturtzel, "and our guys are taking hi-res photos of those things."

"We probably have unparalleled access to these types of things because of our authenticity department and their focus on relationships. We’re not ever gonna let the cat out of the bag on some of the relationships we have!”

Writing on the company blog, Ubisoft communications manager Gary Steinman said Massive started looking to enlist an additional developer to create the game's cache of realistic weaponry back in fall 2013.

Newcastle-based UK developer Ubisoft Reflections, the team behind Driver: San Francisco, is also working on the game.

Ubisoft says The Division is still on track for a release in 2014, though an anonymous developer reportedly said the idea of the game making it out this year was "laughable".

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