The Division Easter Egg References a Beloved Chris Farley SNL Character

Matt Foley lives on, at least in spirit.


Easter eggs in The Division continue to be discovered in the weeks since its release. The latest, while small, is a pretty clear reference to one of the most iconic Saturday Night Live characters played by the late Chris Farley.

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The secret is hiding in one of the game's Echoes, the holographic reconstructions of past events that you're able to discover around New York. As shown in the screenshot above (shared on Reddit by user Awes10), one of the people whose background you can examine in an Echo is listed as someone who "lives in a van down by the river." He's also unemployed.

That's an obvious tip of the hat to Matt Foley, a character played by Farley on SNL. Brought in as a motivational speaker to turn around the life of two kids, Foley proceeds to craft one of the most memorable characters the show has ever seen.

Other Easter eggs hidden in The Division include those referencing Shaun of the Dead and Grow Home.

A big update arrived for the game this week, and new details are expected soon regarding its end-game. In the meantime, you may want to be wary of crafting a high-end backpack.

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