The Division Discounted to Under $17 on All Platforms

The game's 1.4 update comes out tomorrow, October 25.


Ubisoft third-person shooter The Division is currently marked down significantly on Amazon.

The online store is selling physical copies of the game for $16.84 on PC, $16 on Xbox One, and $14.34 for PlayStation 4. Prices on Amazon can fluctuate, so the price may change when you click the link. This is not one of Amazon's Deal of the Day items, so there is no word on how long the offer may last. Whatever the case, the game is sold by Amazon itself, not a third-party seller (via DualShockers).

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The Division goes for $50 at GameStop, Best Buy, and Target.

Amazon's discount on The Division comes during the same week that Ubisoft will launch a major update for the game in the form of 1.4, which comes out on all platforms on October 25. The patch makes a series of major changes to weapons, balance, and more.

Ubisoft is releasing the 1.4 update in response to fan feedback and to fix "lingering issues." The focus of the patch is on fixing bugs, making loot drops "more relevant," and balancing gear sets and weapons. The patch also aims to improve the solo play experience and add a number of quality-of-life features. You can see the full patch notes here.

In part due to the work that had to be done on 1.4, Ubisoft delayed The Division's Survival and Last Stand expansions. Survival is now expected sometime later this year, while Last Stand will come out in early 2017.

As of the end of September, The Division holds the title of best-selling game of 2016, according to Ubisoft. Whether or not this is still true, following the launches of powerhouse games like FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1, remains to be seen.

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