The Division Dev Talks Delay, Microtransactions, And Why It's Current-Gen Only

We speak with Ubisoft Massive managing director David Polfeldt about next year's much-anticipated online shooter.

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During E3 2014, we got a chance to catch up with Ubisoft Massive managing director David Polfeldt about why their upcoming open-world shooter The Division runs at 30fps. But that's not all we discussed.

We also spoke with the industry veteran about the online-focused game's delay to 2015, what types of microtransactions it might feature, and why it's not coming to past-generation hardware, among other topics.

The Division launches in 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more on the game, be sure to check out GameSpot's impressions of a behind-closed-doors presentation earlier this month at E3.

On Making a Console Game After Spending So Many Years In the PC Space:

"We were a very, very hardcore PC gamer studio before. And we never understood the previous generation of consoles very well from a technological standpoint. But then when we saw the specs for this generation consoles... I remember we had a meeting at Massive and we just looked at each other and said 'Is this what I think it is?!' 'Is this our home turf?' Because on this hardware, we can be excellent; we can be one of the best. And as soon as we had that, we just started focusing on this generation of consoles like crazy."

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