The Division Dev Addressing Loot Cave With New Update

Take advantage of the Loot Cave while you still can.


A Destiny-like Loot Cave has been discovered in The Division, but it may not be around for much longer. Just as Bungie did with Destiny's numerous Loot Caves, Ubisoft is also apparently planning to shut it down.

Asked by a player on Twitter to fix the Loot Cave, which involves the worldboss on the Autumn's Hope section of the game, Ubisoft said, "The team is already working on it ;)"

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You'll want to have a high-level character to make use of this Loot Cave, as it involves taking down a level-30 boss. Head to the Autumn's Hope safe house and when leaving, swing a right and then a left. If you're in the right place, you should see a boss named Bullet King. Kill him and he'll drop purple gear and Phoenix credits, but be sure not to wipe out his minions. Do that and Bullet King won't spawn again.

Once you've killed Bullet King, run back to the safe house and respawn. When you head back out into the streets, Bullet King should be there again, ready to supply you with even more high-end gear.

You can check out the GameSpot video above for a closer look at how this works.

Ubisoft is planning to release a new update for The Division this week. No details about what will be addressed in the update have been divulged, but it's possible a fix for this Loot Cave will be among them.

In other news about The Division, the game brought in $330 million in revenue over its first five days, eclipsing Destiny's mark over the same period of time.

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