The Division Backpack Bug Is Locking Players Out of the Game

You might want to hold off on crafting a high-end backpack for now.


If you've been playing The Division and are currently locked out of your account, it could be because of a bug involving the crafting of a high-end backpack. Players have reported the backpack disappearing then shortly after becoming locked out of their accounts. You can see a video of the bug in detail below.

Reddit users have reported the issue on The Division's subreddit (via Kotaku). User Bloodborne333 says they've been posting about it for over a week and haven't received any help.

"We have posted countless times for over a week now in the tech support forums, we have called and talked to customer support who have been useless and no help at all," the Reddit user said. "The only replies we have had was a mod/rep on the forums telling us to stop spamming (when we have yet to be replied to) [and] that they are working on it."

Ubisoft community manager Natchai Stappers posted to its forums today, asking players to provide information such as platform, if they crafted a high-end backpack, and the length of time they've been locked out. Stappers says resolving this issue is one of Ubisoft's main priorities.

The Division received big changes when it went offline yesterday. Patch 1.02 fixed multiple bugs and got rid of the Loot Cave--it's not confirmed that it also caused the backpack-crafting bug.

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