The Division Backpack Bug Cause Identified, Will Be Fixed ASAP

Fixing the problem is a "top priority" for the bug-squashing team.


Last week, news spread about a bug in The Division that locked players out of the game after crafting a high-end backpack. Making matters worse was that, despite repeated attempts, users reported Ubisoft had not responded to their concerns about it. Ubisoft later acknowledged the problem, and now the studio says in a forum post that it has identified the cause of the bug.

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Ubisoft was able to identify the source of the problem thanks in part to feedback from fans, who filled up 129 pages worth of comments about the issue.

A patch to fix the issue will be released "as soon as possible," the developer said, also providing a recommendation for how to avoid the issue in the meantime.

"It's our top priority in bug fixing," Ubisoft said. "In the meantime, we would like to advise you not to attach mods on items you are not using. We'd like to thank you again for your cooperation and patience."

In other news about The Division, raid-like activities called Incursions and player loot-trading are coming to the third-person shooter in April. Check back with GameSpot soon for more on the April update.

Following the Incursions update will be another free update in May called "Conflict." It adds new Dark Zone features and an additional incursion in Manhattan's Columbus Circle. After that, three paid expansions will be released for The Division, and you can get all of the details about them here.

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