The Division 2's Resident Evil 25th Anniversary Event Is Now Live

From now until February 15, players of The Division 2 can claim gear inspired by the iconic horror series Resident Evil.


If you enjoy both the tactical shooting action of The Division 2 and the zombie horror of Raccoon City, we've got good news: The Division 2's Resident Evil 25th Anniversary crossover event is now live. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of the original Resident Evil game for PS1, players of The Division 2 can grab loot that's inspired by the horror series for the next two weeks.

The event runs until February 15, and it is now live on every platform. Players who log in during the event will receive the Leon Kennedy RPD 3-piece outfit automatically. Resident Evil fans will recognize this as one of the outfits that Leon can wear in the much-acclaimed remake of Resident Evil 2.

According to Ubisoft's website, possible rewards from the event include an outfit inspired by Chris Redfield's STARS outfit, an Umbrella Corporation Operative skin that looks a lot like fan-favorite HUNK, and a Jill Valentine-like outfit. A Nemesis Mask will also be available soon as an event completion reward. There are also a few Backpack Trophies and Arm Patches available during the event. February 2 will also bring The Division 2's 4K 60 FPS update to PS5 and Xbox Series X, so if you're rocking a next-gen console, check that out.

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