The Division 2's DLC Roadmap, Year One Pass Outlined

Ubisoft gives players a glimpse at The Division 2's first year of content.


The Division 2 launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in a little over a week, and just as Ubisoft did with the previous title, the developer plans to support it with a regular stream of free post-release content. Ahead of the game's launch, Ubisoft has outlined the content it has in store for The Division 2 during its first year.

Following the game's release on March 15, Ubisoft will gradually introduce new episodes, modes, specializations, and more. It all begins with Tidal Basin, a new stronghold that's set to arrive "shortly after launch." Also coming not long after release will be Operation Dark Hours, the series' first eight-player raid.

Following that, Ubisoft will roll out The Division 2's first post-launch episode, titled D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions, this summer. This episode will feature two additional main missions, as well as a new mode that has players "investigate the fate of a lost convoy." The second episode, Pentagon: The Last Castle, will follow sometime in fall and likewise introduces two new main missions, while episode 3 rounds out the year this winter.

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All of the aforementioned content will be available to all players for free, but if you'd like to jump into it early, Ubisoft is also offering a Year One Pass for the game. The pass costs $40 USD and will grant players seven-day early access to all post-launch episodes during the game's first year, as well as instant access to any new specializations. Pass holders will also get eight Classified Assignments and a slew of exclusive cosmetics.

In addition to the free content, The Division 2 will feature an in-game Apparel Store, which will sell cosmetic items. Ubisoft stresses these will be optional and won't give those who spend money in the game an advantage over those who do not. You can read more about The Division 2's first year of content on the game's website.

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This is a company that I can support. They learned a hard lesson on division one then turned it around after listening to the community. Division 2 is everything the community asked for. The build diversity alone is amazing.

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Glad they offering free DLC's this time around. Always glad to support a game that offers some good fun, along with free content updates.

And glad it sounds like they will keep adding things like more specializations.

That being said, the Year 1 Pass definitely sounds a bit underwhelming for the price tag. $40 seems a bit steep for a few cosmetics, a few missions and unlocks, and some early access to DLC's.

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