The Division 2 Will Have A Photo Mode, Thanks In Large Part To The First Game's Community

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The Division 2 will have a photo mode, unlike its predecessor, and its inclusion is supposedly thanks to the series' community. After seeing fans of The Division asking for a photo mode, Ubisoft decided it was necessary to add the feature to the sequel.

"It's something that the community asked for a lot," The Division 2 lead designer Keith Evans said in an interview with USG. "Throughout [The Division's post-launch], there would be these amazing pictures that the hardcore community members would start posting on Twitter. They were just doing it themselves and it was very grassroots."

Although the first game didn't have a photo mode, you could download a mod for the PC version, titled Cinematic Tools, that added a camera function to the game. When it was first released, the mod got its creator banned from the game. However, plenty of players used the mod, and that caught the attention of The Division creative director Julian Gerighty. When it came time to develop The Division's sequel, Ubisoft decided to add a photo mode, which will be available in The Division 2 on day one.

The Division 2's photo mode works similarly to the one in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, so you'll be able to pretty easily take photos throughout the game without having to mess with settings. After taking the photo, you can also add filters or adjust the depth of field and brightness.

You'll be able to try out The Division 2 prior to launch with the game's private beta. The beta starts on February 7 and continues to February 11. In order to participate, you can either pre-order The Division 2 for a guaranteed invite or register on the game's main website for a chance to win one. The Division 2's private beta includes a fair bit of content. On February 7, you'll have access to two story missions, several open-world activities, one of the PvP modes, and one of the three Dark Zones. Starting February 8, endgame content will also be unlocked in the private beta, which allows you to try playing with one of The Division 2's level 30 specialized agents in a late-game Invaded mission.

The Division 2 is scheduled to release for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on March 15. The PC version, previously scheduled for Steam, is now releasing on the Epic Games Store instead.

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