The Division 2: Warlords Of New York Season 2 Is Now Live

Season 2 of The Division 2's expansion Warlords of New York adds a new "mini-campaign" as well as a cache of new activities--but no raid yet.


Season 2 of The Division 2 has finally launched, and it brings a load of new content to the game, including several new targets, missions, and loot. Titled Keener's Legacy, players are tasked with preventing the machinations of a rogue cell left by Aaron Keener. Every three weeks, a new target will rise for players to take down, but you have until the end of the three-month-long season to defeat them all.

As with Season 1, this new season requires the Warlords of New York expansion to play, and adds two new exotics, a skill variant, and a gearset to the game. Players can purchase the Season 2 pass to obtain additional loot for their trouble. Season 2 also adds new League challenges and Global Events to the game for players to seek out.

Ubisoft has rolled out several recent patches to prepare for Keener's Legacy, and the latest one made wide-reaching changes to the game, such as boosting the damage on nearly all of its weapons. While this new season will include a raid dubbed Iron Horse, it's not quite ready yet--according to Ubisoft, it will release June 30. Ubisoft says that it'll be "the ultimate challenge" for players--and it's offering a unique bounty to those who complete it first--so if you have a particularly adept strike team, you'll want to test them against it.

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