The Division 2: Title Update 10 Phase 2 Is Up Now On The PTS

PC owners of Ubisoft's RPG shooter can now check out Title Update 10 on the PTS.


The Division 2's latest update, Title Update 10, was rolled out to PC players on May 22 as Ubisoft welcomes feedback from the community via the Public Test Server (PTS). The most recent State of the Game stream on May 21 touched on the quality-of-life changes that players can expect when the update officially rolls out, and for "Phase 2" of the update, Ubisoft focused on gear balance, weapon damage, and "loot generosity."

As per the official Division 2 Twitter account, players who own a copy of the game on PC will be able to access Title Update 10 before everyone else. They were able to preload the Title Update 10 patch after the Ubisoft livestream on May 21, with the PTS available for access since May 22.

According to the official Title Update 10 notes from Ubisoft, the priority for this upcoming content is going to be "game health and generosity". Players with access to the PTS will be able to experience a number of changes involving weapons and gear sets, including the removal of purple loot at higher difficulties and buffs to pretty much all weapons. Title Update 10 will also incorporate changes to PvP weapon damage, bug fixes, and improvements to loot drops from Veteran and Elite opponents.

Alongside the updates to loot drop rates and weapon damage, Ubisoft's patch notes also state that the "developers are focusing on tweaks that will remove frustration" and make the game "as fun as possible," and future PTS runs of upcoming content will become a possibility if this test is successful.

Ubisoft is opening up PTS access to PC players in part to assist them with monitoring the bug fixes that Title Update 10 is going to include, and it's seeking feedback through the PTS-specific section of the official Division 2 forums.

The Hill League is available until June 3 for anyone with the Warlords of New York DLC.

Highlights from the patch notes for Phase 2 are available below:

The Division 2 Title Update 10 Phase 2 Patch Notes


  • Incoming repairs no longer increase amount of armor reparied by armor kits, talents, or gear set effects.
  • Damage increases for weapons including 585 Magnum, Military M9, Bullet King, Chameleon, and The Bighorn.


  • Reduced specialization armor kit bonus from 100% to 50%.
  • Increased damage on Striker Drone, Assault Turret, and Stinger Hive


  • Updated item power distribution to have a better spread between minimum and maximum for all difficulties.
  • Increased minimum and maximum crafting results.
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