The Division 2 Needs A Massive Day-One Update

Better clear some space.

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Ubisoft's new loot-driven shooter, The Division 2, is only a few days away. The publisher is taking an Anthem-like approach to the game's release and offering it several days early depending on where and what edition you pre-order. Regardless of when you can jump into the game, however, you'll first need to download a hefty day-one update.

As it detailed on its support website, Ubisoft is releasing a big patch alongside The Division 2 that includes "various bug fixes and improvements for the main game." On Xbox One and PC, the update will weigh in at 48-52 GB "depending on your region and preferred language," while the PS4 patch will weigh between 88-92 GB.

On top of that, Ubisoft is rolling out Title Update 1.5 beginning March 11. This patch is likewise mandatory but is mercifully much smaller, weighing in around 2 GB depending on your platform and region. Ubisoft says this update "addresses occurrences of audio missing or cutting out experienced by some during Open Beta."

The Division 2 officially launches on March 15, but some players will have a chance to play the game a little early. Those who pre-order the Gold or Ultimate Editions will get to dive into the title beginning March 12. The game will also go live at different times depending on region; you can see all the listed times here.

Much like the previous game, Ubisoft will continue supporting The Division 2 with a steady stream of free post-launch updates. The publisher recently laid out the game's Year One roadmap, which will see two new episodes arrive this summer and fall, with a third slated for this winter. Ubisoft is also offering a $40 Year One pass that will grant early access to these episodes and exclusive cosmetics and other perks.

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Avatar image for untouchables111

i dont mind updates but what im pissed about it the game is live for an extra $35.... such Bait BS. the advertisements all say 3 days early access yet the gold edition is live...

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

I'm amazed that in the article you totally miss a piece of information as important as "If you purchased a physical copy of the game" I think it's important to mention that this applies to physical copies, not digital ones.

Avatar image for rawkstar007

It should be straight up illegal to let a game go gold and then make customers have to download an update that is larger than the content of that disc upon its release. Can we all at least agree on that?

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

@rawkstar007: Would you prefer if they discover critical bugs and said "eh, we already went gold, so **** it" Like EA does?

Avatar image for sakaixx

What the fuk that is like redownloading the whole game again

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

@sakaixx: This is only for physical copies. The article writer did omit that part for some reason.

Avatar image for cherub1000

This is beyond a joke? Ok so yeah it's getting fixed but c'mon, 88gb?!?! Its just sad!

Avatar image for pookeynoodle2019

PS4 update is much bigger as they have to install a graphics card along with the update

Avatar image for jagdedge124

What a mess. But then again, that game wasn't coming near to the first one. Whatever the first one did, despite gripes on social media that may not be in touch with the average gamer, the first one went gang busters in sales.

They just did it right. Where as this game, seemed to listen to the wrong people, and now it's a slow clunky "tactical" borefest. Fun long gone. So much for that. Though the nerds on you tube may like it.

Avatar image for DarksjeiK

We're gonna need a bigger boat...

Avatar image for Hillsy_

88-92GB! :) You've to laugh. I wait for the Game of the Year edition on PS5.

Avatar image for lonewolf1044

Hmmm year one pass which means there will be and year 2 pass as well for an few dollars more.

Avatar image for s1taz4a3l

@lonewolf1044: From what i read this pass covers right up until march 20/2020. I find 40 bucks overkill. Wanted to buy it but at 100 bucks ( year one pass included) is overkill, am going to wait till they release the base game with year one content at the standard price edition.

At least i have a backlog of games but i had fun playing the beta PVE of division 2.

Avatar image for xxmavr1kxx

@s1taz4a3l: Year 1 content is free.

What you are paying for with the gold edition is some cosmetics, and some more weekly contracts. Oh and play the game 3 days early.

Avatar image for kadin_kai

There is a point when patches are so big, it’s basically a recall.

Avatar image for masonshoemocker

At least they're fixing it.

Avatar image for Barighm

So rather than fixing the game BEFORE going gold, they're expecting us to completely re-download the entire game.

Avatar image for skot_free

@Barighm: my guess it’s a fix to some issues in the beta like I’d get stuck in doorways a lot. Another thing was at times breaking cover for no reason. Maybe they got a. Lot of feedback from beta testers. Hopefully whatever they’re patching makes the game even better.

Avatar image for Barighm

@skot_free: Fixing doorways shouldn't require 92gigs. It's practically the entire game twice over. They should have done this test and made these changes BEFORE going gold.

Avatar image for Decoy77

@Barighm: No I take it as, we found issues, we fixed issues, so now you must update to fix said found issues. Instead of here is the game we thought he had ready but really it's a giant buggy mess but you will enjoy that for a few weeks because we wanted to take a break. You should be HAPPY they are still working on it after it going Gold.

Avatar image for TheEternalGamer

@Decoy77: You're talking about Anthem, aren't you?

Avatar image for Barighm

@Decoy77: Why would I be happy about paying to buy the game, then paying again after I blow my datacap redownloading said game? Even Anthem didn't do that...but Fallout 76 did.

Avatar image for xxmavr1kxx

@Barighm: I take back what I said

Avatar image for lonewolf1044

@Barighm: I see what you saying about that data download as I am with Comcast which now charges you if you go over your allotted data usage and if you want to avoid it you must pay an additional $50 on top of your current bill even if you do not go over which sucks and I would not mind the fee if they did not charge the $50 if you stay under. However, I am glad they are fixing what needs to fixed.

Avatar image for rodoxthedark

@Barighm: welcome to the big world outside the cave

Avatar image for lembu90

I think I pass on this one. No thanks.

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

That update is bigger than the game.

Sounds like the fixes required some really deep changes in the code to the poi t the they require downloading the entire game again.