The Division 1.6 Patch Notes Revealed As Test Server Prepares To Launch

1.6 launches on the test server on January 24.


Ubisoft recently previewed what to expect in The Division's big upcoming 1.6 update, and we now have the patch notes for an in-development version slated for release on the public test server.

These patch notes present an overview of what to expect in 1.6, which expands the new Dark Zone with new areas, events, and leaderboards. It looks as if the Dark Zone is changing in other meaningful ways as well, as the notes state you'll no longer lose DZ experience or money when you're killed, so long as you aren't currently in a Rogue state. It'll also be possible to fast travel from one DZ checkpoint to another.

The 1.6 update adjusts Gear Sets and a number of items and stats. However, what you'll find in the patch notes is not an entirely comprehensive list of changes. Ubisoft admitted this the case on Reddit, explaining, "With the changes to Skillpower it would be hard to list the changes to Skills as they don't really compare to pre 1.6 values." Reddit user spydr101 has put together a spreadsheet that provides a preliminary look at what's expected to be different, though this is of course not official.

You can see the full list of patch notes here. Ubisoft cautions that you keep in mind the update remains in development and, as such, anything could still change.

"With Updates 1.4 and 1.5, we redefined our end-game and brought a much needed layer of fun to gear progression and character building," Ubisoft said in a forum post. "While a lot of progress has been made, there are still many things that need to be addressed in order to bring the rest of the game to the same level of fun; this is where Update 1.6 comes in!

"There have been many talks about Update 1.6 being focused on PvP, and while parts of this is true, this update goes far beyond that to address a lot of things that Update 1.4 and 1.5 couldn't. We hope that this update will help bring yet more variety in character building with an even deeper emphasis on decisions and specialization."

Players on PC will be able to test all of the new changes starting tomorrow, January 24, at 3 AM PT (though the exact time may change). The Last Stand expansion won't be available on the PTS initially; it'll arrive at a "later date," and only for those who own the content.

The PTS remains PC-only. Ubisoft said it's "been working very hard to try to make the PTS available to console players, but unfortunately it will not be possible just yet." Blizzard recently explained why it also hasn't done the same with its Overwatch test servers.

A launch date for the 1.6 update in the live game has not yet been announced and will depend on how the PTS process plays out. Ubisoft has said this update and the Last Stand expansion are not the end of its support for the game.

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