The Division 1.2 Update Accidentally Removes Characters

Ubisoft has identified the problem and confirmed that it's working on a fix.


After The Division's 1.2 update, some in-game people, including certain players' characters, have disappeared (via VG 24/7). Ubisoft has confirmed it's working on a fix for the issue.

Users on both the Ubisoft forums and Reddit have reported the issue. Ubisoft community manager Natchai Stappers has asked players to provide usernames in order to investigate.

This isn't the first time The Division has dealt with a bug that caused characters to go missing. Back in April, Ubisoft said a separate "missing character" issue was caused by a malfunctioning server.

The Division has been a hotbed for weird bugs and glitches. A bug that would involved crafting a high-end backpack caused many players to be locked out of the game. It was discovered around March 23 and wasn't fixed until April 12.

In other news, The Division's nerfs seem to have upset Fox News' Andy Levy, who brought up the changes during a segment of Red Eye.

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The 1.2 update brought a new Incursion, PvE and loot changes, and more. You can see all of GameSpot's coverage of The Division's latest update through the links below:

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