The Darkness Walkthrough

Jackie Estacado's having a bad day that keeps getting worse. Use GameSpot's Walkthrough to the Darkness to help get him through it!

By: Matthew Rorie
Design: Alexander Lambert

No one really expected a game based on a middling sci-fi movie to be all that good, but Starbreeze Studios beat the odds with the release of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay. With its intense combat and stealth features, Riddick was a challenging and exciting game that had no business being as good as it was.

Starbreeze's success with the game has led them on to another licensed property, although this one has as yet not been made into a movie. Instead, The Darkness is based on the eponymous comic book series produced by Top Cow in the 1990's. It revolves around the story of Jackie Estacado, the current wielder of the Darkness, an ancient and malevolent power that requires a human host to manifest itself. With the power of the Darkness behind him, he attempts to defend himself against the predations of his adoptive Uncle Paulie, who runs the crime family that Jackie is a member of. After their relations take a decidedly bad turn, Jackie's forced to wipe out Paulie and his friends while struggling to take control of the powers that he's suddenly inherited.

The game here thus lends you a number of supernatural powers that are unlike anything you've probably encountered in a first-person shooter. With the help of the Darkness, and lots of guns, you'll have to tear your way through Hell itself to pay Paulie back for what he's done to you. GameSpot's game guide is here to help! We've got tips on completing the game and all the different powers and abilities that are available to you. Enjoy!

Weapons and Darkness Powers

You're going to come across plenty of different ways to kill guys in The Darkness, some of which will be more useful than others. We'll give you a glance at the various killing powers that you'll run across in the game in this chapter.

Guns, Guns, Guns!

You're going to find plenty of guns in The Darkness, from the not-so-lowly dual pistols to a mighty assault rifle that the developers probably couldn't call an M4. In point of fact, none of the guns have names, so we'll do our best to give them generic names. We're not going to go in-depth here, however, since most of the guns are fairly similar: you point them at people, pull the trigger, and they go down.

Who Needs To Reload?

For the pistol and the SMGs, you won't actually reload your weapons; instead, you'll drop them when they're out of ammo and simply start using another one from your collection. You'll find plenty of different kinds of pistols and SMGs throughout the game, but they won't function very differently. Some of the pistols will be revolvers, and only have six rounds in them, but apart from ammo considerations, you won't need to worry about the differences between these weapons.

Boom! Headshot!
Boom! Headshot!

Even for the other weapons, you'll only rarely want to actively reload. For pistols and SMGs, you can just click on the fire buttons until you run out of ammo; Jackie will automatically drop the gun and start using a new one at this point. If you run out of ammo while using one of the heavier weapons, then you'll automatically insert a new clip and resume firing.

If you attempt to reload or drop a weapon manually, you'll lose any ammo that was remaining in the weapon or the clip. It can be useful to reload a weapon that only has a couple of rounds in the clip remaining, especially if you think you're going to be turning around a corner and being forced into a gunfight. Otherwise, though, reloading manually too often will just cause you to throw away a lot of good ammo.

Auto-Aiming and Weapon Selection

The auto-aim feature in The Darkness is incredibly generous on its default settings. If you're playing on the Medium difficulty with the default auto-aim settings, then you're going to find that the entire game can be played without using anything but the pistols. You'll find plenty of advanced weapons, but the sustainable fire of the pistols (one weapon can fire while you drop the other) makes them usually best for firefights, since you can keep firing them constantly where an advanced weapon like the M4 would require frequent bouts of reloading. They're also quite accurate, whereas most of the other weapons, especially the two shotguns, but also including the SMG and the AK-47, have a large spread of fire, making it difficult to hit distant enemies.

So for the most part, you'll want to be using the pistols as your killing weapons. You'll find plenty of them, and they'll make it easy for you to get headshots, even a good distance away. Their accuracy will also make it relatively easy to shoot out lights with them. The M4 is the only weapon that can really match them for accuracy, but you won't be finding a lot of ammo for it until late in the game.

Of course, if you're facing off against enemies in close-range encounters, then you'll be able to make use of your full suite of weaponry. When you don't have to worry as much about accuracy, you can bust out with your other weapons, notably the SMGs, which really shine in close-range combat. The shotguns are still rather poor weapons due to their inaccuracy, but feel free to try everything out!

Darkness Powers

The Darkness that infests you in the game also brings with it a great deal of powers that you can use to further your goals in the game. Mostly this consists of killing lots of dudes. Some of the powers are more effective at this than others, though…

Using and Recharging Your Powers

Devouring hearts is necessary if you intend to gain more Darkness Energy.
Devouring hearts is necessary if you intend to gain more Darkness Energy.

The powers that you obtain are scrollable by pressing up and down on the D-pad on your controller. Each of the powers that you use will require Darkness energy, though. You can obtain Darkness energy by withdrawing into a dark area of a level and letting your Darkness tentacles suck up the night juice. Your Darkness energy will also be drained if you spend time in a well-lit area with your Darkness shield, up, however. (You'll hear the tentacles sizzling in this situation, so either shoot the lights out or simply drop your shield until you reach safety.)

If you run out of Darkness power, then your tentacles will drop (along with the damage shield that they afford you). You won't be able to use any powers until you resummon them, which will usually only be possible in a dim location. If you run out of Darkness power in a bright spot, then you usually won't be able to resummon your tentacles, so be careful!

Devouring Hearts and Darkness Level

If you kill an enemy, you can walk over to his body and devour his or her heart. (You can't eat the hearts of innocent civilians that you kill.) Eating hearts will allow you to pump up your Darkness Level, which you can check in the Select menu. Increasing your Darkness Level mostly appears to increase the amount of Darkness power that's available to you, so the more hearts you devour, the longer you'll be able to survive in sunlight and the more damage your Darkness Shield will be able to absorb. Eat the hearts of any one you kill, and you should be able to max out your Darkness Level around the 250-275 mark.


Creeping Dark

The Creeping Dark power allows you to detach a tentacle from your body and send it out to scout or kill opponents without approaching them physically. You lose control of Jackie while using this power, but can guide the tentacle through spaces that you normally wouldn't be able to, such as through air conditioning vents. The tentacle can flip switches, knock out light sources, destroy locks, and kill enemies, but will constantly drain your Darkness Energy while being used, so you won't be able to use it for an infinite amount of time. It can also be seen by enemies and shot at, so if it starts taking too much damage it will retract back to Jackie. This won't cause any damage to you, however.

Although the Creeping Dark can be handy when enemies are expecting you to attack from a certain direction, it's almost always easier to just activate your Darkness Shield, pop out from cover, and shoot them in the head. We generally only used it when the game forced us to do so. If a door is locked and has a suspiciously obvious vent covering above it, it's a good bet that you need to send the Creeping Dark through it and unlock the door.

Demon Arm

If you haven't gotten your fill of tentacles, then the Demon Arm will serve your needs well. It's basically a manipulator arm that shoots straight out in front of you when you activate the power. It'll vary its action depending on what you're aiming at. It has a goodly amount of auto-aim to it, so you don't need to be incredibly precise when using the Demon Arm.

The Demon Arm makes for a decent mechanism to instantly kill enemies that get too close.
The Demon Arm makes for a decent mechanism to instantly kill enemies that get too close.

When used against enemies, you'll wind up spearing them through the chest, instantly killing them. You can then move the arm around with the right analog stick to throw the body away, should you wish to. (Note that you still have to devour the heart, even if you get a kill with the Demon Arm.) This makes for a handy and instant kill if you're waiting around a corner and someone pursues you; simply click the button and your target will die. Sometimes the arm can get confused with targeting if there are both live and dead enemies in front of you, though; it'll occasionally start spearing the dead bodies instead of targeting the living enemies that are shooting at you. Still, it's good for an opening attack on enemies that are in your face. The range isn't very long, but it still kind of obviates the need to use the shotgun at close range.

Secondly, the Demon Arm is great for extinguishing lights when you near them. It can reach far enough to extinguish most streetlamps, even the ones on the telephone poles in NYC, and its auto-aim feature will let you hit most lamps without having to draw a bead on them with your gun.

Darkness Guns

The Darkness guns act as something like infinite-ammo weapons that draw upon your Darkness Energy instead of physical ammo. There are two of them, both shaped like pistols: the one on the right will fire small bolts of darkness, and acts as something like an SMG, while the one on the right will fire larger shells that explode on impact, damaging everything in a small area. The Darkness Guns are notable for being capable of permanently killing the undead enemies in the World War I sequences in the game; killing them with other weapons will allow them to eventually come back to life until you devour their heart.

The Guns are worthwhile if you like to shoot lights out, since they consume no ammo, but you'll probably never run out of pistol ammo anyway, so that shouldn't be a huge consideration for you. As weapons, the guns are decent, although inaccurate. They also act as a constant drain on your Darkness Energy, so if you wind up getting into a firefight and taking damage (which also drains your Darkness Energy), you can sometimes find yourself unexpectedly dropping your shields and switching back to your normal weapons.

Personally, we managed to get through the game without ever using the Darkness Guns, so they're by no means required. To each his own, however.

Black Hole

The Black Hole will make the last quarter of the game revert to easy mode.
The Black Hole will make the last quarter of the game revert to easy mode.

The Black Hole, when acquired, will let you breeze through the rest of the game. When fired, it will create a void in front of you that will suck in all nearby enemies and objects, twirl them around in the air, and finally drop them to the ground. An enemy that's affected by this will automatically be killed, and since most enemies later on in the game will be clustered in groups of three or four, you can find yourself instantly killing anything that gets in your way when you unlock it.

Firing a Black Hole will use up all of your Darkness Energy, so if you use it, you'd better be standing in a dark place. When it finishes, your tentacles will drop, along with your Darkness Shield, and you can only get them back if you're shadowed. It'll take some time for your tentacles to suck in more energy and recharge your batteries, but it'll usually be worth the time it takes, since the Black Hole power is so devastating.

Note that the Black Hole does have a maximum range, so if you try and use it on especially distant enemies, it will wind up going off in midair.


Throughout the game, you'll find various Darklings that you'll be able to summon and use as pets, in a sense. Some sections of the game will force you to have a Darkling around to bypass a specific obstacle (usually right after you manage to summon the Darkling for the first time), but apart from that, you'll be free to use them, or not, as you wish.

Speaking for ourselves, we never found the Darklings to be too useful in combat, at least on the default settings. On the harder difficulty setting, you may find them more handy, but for the most part, enemies are going to be easy enough to kill with your guns and powers, so you won't need to use the Darklings all that much. The AI is also often disappointing, resulting in Darklings getting lost or lagging well behind you when you might have found them useful, if they don't just up and disappear.

Summoning and Caring for Darklings

Darklings are summoned at Gateways, which are glowing holes in the ground that you can only see when your Darkness shield is up and activated. The specifics change based on the platform you're playing the game on, but it's usually a simple two-button sequence to summon a Darkling, which will then crawl out of the Gateway and aid you.

Each Gateway can only summon one Darkling at a time. If you use a Gateway to summon a Berserker, then decide you want a Gunner instead, you can simply summon a new Darkling. The Berserker will pop out of existence and the Gunner will take its place. If you can find multiple Gateways, though, you can summon each kind of Darkling that you've unlocked thus far, up to the maximum of four. You can't have four Berserkers or four Gunners, but you can have one of each kind of Darkling, if you wish.

Darklings are not incredibly intelligent, although they'll do their best to help you in your mission. They can be shot at by enemies and will pop out of existence if they take enough damage. They'll also fade away if they're exposed to bright lights for too long. They don't cost anything to summon, though, so it's usually worth summoning them when you're near a Gateway.


The first Darkling you get is the Berserker. There isn't much to say about this guy; when you point him at an enemy, he'll run over and attempt to engage it in melee combat. If the Berserker gets within melee range, the enemy will usually be killed automatically, but that's a big if, since the enemies will usually shoot at it while it runs towards them and/or will be under lights if you haven't closed in on them yourself. In tight corridors or stairwells, the Berserker can be useful, or if you can send him around a corner from your position, but otherwise he's not necessarily all that useful.


Gunners aren't the best teammates to have around, but at least they give your enemies something else to shoot at.
Gunners aren't the best teammates to have around, but at least they give your enemies something else to shoot at.

These gals are going to be your heavy-weapons friends. Gunners wield a chaingun that can fire quite rapidly at your foes. Unfortunately, the chaingun requires some time to spin up before it can fire, leaving the Gunner exposed to enemy fire while it prepares to shoot. Gunners can also be confused by corners and elevation changes, which will lead them to stand in place shooting at a wall for a long period of time. They can be useful diversions in a firefight, but don't expect them to actually kill many of your foes.


The Kamikaze is similar to a Berserker, in that he'll attempt to get close to an enemy, but unlike a Berserker, he'll detonate himself when he does wind up close enough to do so, killing any nearby enemies (as well as damaging you and your other Darklings). He can be useful to send around corners, since he'll home in on the enemies and blow them away, but as per usual, he'll often wind up getting shot to death before reaching his target.


The last Darkling you unlock has an electrical capacitor on its back. When he rubs his hands together, an electrical charge can be created, which will destroy nearby lights. It can also be used as an offensive weapon, but the Lightkiller will need to be close to your enemy in order to use it. Most lights are going to be easily shot with your pistols, Demon Guns, or Demon Arm, so the Lightkiller is rarely necessary.


This walkthrough is written for the Medium difficulty of the game. Note that we're not guaranteeing to cover the various side missions that are offered to you; there are plenty of them around and we're sure we missed a few. We're also not going to note every location of every collectible item in the game, since there are 100 of them and we only managed to find around 56 of them on our first playthrough. We're sure the obsessed gamers at will eventually upload a full list of collectible positions, however, so keep an eye on the gamespaces over there for updated lists.

Construction Site

You won’t be able to do anything during the car ride at the beginning of the game save to look around. Just sit back and enjoy the ride; you'll wind up in the construction site soon enough. You somehow manage to survive a wreck that should've killed you, and find yourself lightly armed with a horde of gangsters coming after you.

After Mikey gives you his guns, get used to the way they handle. There's a bit of auto-aim in them, so you won't have to worry about them too much. As you proceed through the first area, you'll find more pistols, so don't get too attached to them. You can't reload your guns, but you can always drop them and use one of the others that you've picked up. Doing so will waste any ammo in the guns you're currently using, though, so it's best to simply keep them in your hands until they're out of ammo. You'll automatically drop and switch your guns if you just keep firing.

With the guns in hand, shoot the lock off the door nearby and proceed through. Ride the lift up to the upper area here to find a couple of construction workers. Like the rest of the workers here, these guys are packing heat and aren't too happy to see you, so drop them as quickly as possible. You don't have a health bar, so if you wind up taking too much damage, you'll have to duck behind cover and wait until your screen returns to normal to move on.


You might want to turn around there, buddy…
You might want to turn around there, buddy…

Eventually you'll reach an exterior area of the level, where a sole worker has his back turned to you. If you sneak up behind him and fire, you'll perform an execution killing. These can be done at any time, so long as you get as close as possible to the enemy that you're facing, but it'll be especially easy here.

Head through the nearby doors and enter another interior area to find another lift. Ride it up, crouch under the obstacle, head out the window nearby, and climb the ladder to reach a rooftop. Jump onto the air conditioning units to reach the interior of the next building over. You'll find a room where your Uncle Paulie has left a little message for you. Open the closet door and run like hell out of the room when you discover what's been concealed inside: a bomb!


After getting blasted out of the building, you'll come out in a small underground area. Quickly head through the door near you, or you'll get sliced and diced by the bullets that come from above.

The cemetary itself is a deathtrap; a dozen or so enemies will ambush you here. Stay back near the corner from which you came, stay behind cover, and dart out to unload on your enemies when you see them. Don't move too far into the middle of the cemetary or you'll be caught in a crossfire. Stay back and fire liberally; you should have plenty of guns in your collection by now! If you run out of ammo, you'll be forced to move forward and pick up the guns that your foes have dropped, which can be a risky proposition.

When you clear the area out, you'll notice that the exit from the cemetary is blocked. You'll need to head down into the bathrooms and talk to Frank Rottenberg. He has nothing useful to say, but on your way out of the bathrooms, your Darkness powers will manifest for the first time, allowing you to kill off the ambushers once and for all.

Using The Darkness

The Berserker you summon here can push the car away.
The Berserker you summon here can push the car away.

Now that you've unlocked your Darkness powers, you can use them to escape the cemetary. First, though, you can also use them to find Collectible 29, near where you landed after the explosion. Head back there and find the high voltage room with the reinforced glass window. Manifest the Darkness here, then hit the button that lets you send out a creeping tentacle. (RB on the 360, probably R1 on the PS3.) If you attack the vent on the bottom of the door, you can send the tentacle through to pick up the collectible.

Head back to the cemetary and use the Darkness to find an active gateway, then follow the onscreen prompts to summon a Berserker. Follow it, and it'll move the car out from in front of the gateway and allow you to move on. Nearby, a gunman has locked a gate that you need to move through. In order to kill him and grab the key, return to the streets and find a vent above his position. Follow the prompts to send your Creeping Dark through the vent, then kill the gunman and nab the key to move on.

The Subway

When you hit the subway, your girlfriend Jenny will page you. There's a payphone near the subway teller's booth, which you can apparently use your Darkness powers on and use for free. Dial up Jenny, and she'll tell you about her new apartment in Chinatown, which is your next destination.

Enza Scardina is near the entrance to the subway. Feel free to talk to him if you like, but he doesn't have much of interest to say. Head down to the platform of the station here. You can find another Collectible if you poke around on the ends of the platform; it's hidden in a small alcove near the tunnels. There are a few more characters here, including Frank Huntzinger and Compton Scarr, as well as George Hadel up the steps leading to Chinatown. George has a problem with Compton, so if you talk to him, you can pressure Compton into letting George play his harmonica. Do enough of these simple missions and you can eventually get a 360 achievement. George will also give you a collectible.

Head across the platform towards the Chinatown exit and you'll run across Nicky, who'll confirm your suspicions that Paulie has laid a hit on you. As if the bomb wasn't enough of a hint.


Exit up into Chinatown and you'll find a Potato Sack Outfit across the way from the steps. Outfits go onto your Darklings and let them accoutrement themselves as they see fit. You'll find more as the game goes on.

Two kids from the same orphanage. How do you know you're not related?
Two kids from the same orphanage. How do you know you're not related?

There are plenty of gangsters on the streets, so shoot out the lights as you see them and start rampaging. Your Darkness will shield you from a bit of damage, so feel free to take them out at long range or get close for some executions. You'll find Jenny's apartment building near the basketball court (check the subway maps for guidance if needed), as well as a few collectibles on the streets and in doorways, but before you head up to meet her, you'll want to roam around and kill anyone else that you see on the streets. More corpses = more hearts to devour = more Darkness powers in the long run. Eat them hearts up!

When you're ready to meet with Jenny, head to the rear of her building and go inside. Jenny's apartment is on the 3rd floor, so head on up to meet with her.

Jenny's Apartment

When you blow out the candles here, feel free to tell Jenny whatever you like here; she'll react in different ways depending on what you say. When you get Butcher Joyce's number, call him on the phone to get an appointment to see him. He'll also tell you how to come see him without being detected.

You can leave now if you want to, but if you want an easy achievement, sit on the couch and watch TV with Jenny for three or four minutes until she kisses you. You'll eventually get the Romantic achievement and will be able to leave guilt-free, since Jenny will be asleep on the couch at this point.

Head back to the streets, and you'll find Paul Chen being chased by a couple of goons. Kill them quickly, then talk to Paul and "explain the situation". He'll give you a collectible for helping him out. Find the alley that Butcher pointed you to (there are a few goons hanging around outside) and enter the restaurant. After helping Butcher out a bit, he'll tell you about one of Paulie's henchmen, Dutch Oven Harry, who runs his drug operations. Butcher thinks that taking him out might give you leverage with Paulie.

The Trek to Hunters Point

This chopper will take you out if you give it enough time to do so.
This chopper will take you out if you give it enough time to do so.

Unfortunately, bfeore you can get to Harry, Captain Eddie Shrote will come gunning for you. He and his men are in Paulie's pocket, so they're not interested in arresting you. Shoot out the lights in the restaurant while they're breaching the wall, summon a berserker from the gateway behind one of the low walls, then shoot the SWAT team as they exit out the back of their truck. They, and the cops that shoot the lock off the door and come in, will drop shotguns, so grab them and start blasting away at anyone else in the area.

When you're ready to move on, head out through the doorway and duck behind the dumpster to start firing at the cops in the street beyond your area. The shotgun won't be much use against them, so stick to the pistols and try to nab headshots if possible. You may need to get closer to finish off the last few of them. Unfortunately, the helicopter that they've called in will be flying low and attempting to finish you off, so head to the right and proceed around the corner, then move up to the Bass St. alleyway to avoid it again.

Tip: If you take a left through the small corridor that connects Bass St. with Thompson St., you can hang a right onto Raspberry St. at this point and head to its northern end to find a collectible. You'll have to return to Clark St. to backtrack, though.

After making your way up north to Waterfront St., proceed to the northwestern corner of the street, where the sign for the poolhall is located. Make your way inside after clearing out the cops, and you'll load up the alleyway.

Hunters Point Alley

Head through the pool hall here to reach the bum alley beyond. You can ask Matty Forehand about Dutch Oven Harry, if you wish. He'll give you the password to Harry's pad, which you can find by jumping over a dumpster. Head inside the crackhouse to find Roach Librezzi, who's standing in for Harry, along with an assortment of other rough-looking sorts. Head to Roach, grab the collectible behind him, and ask him about Harry. Approaching him diplomatically will net you the Ghandi achievement, but you'll likely die as soon as Roach opens fire on you.

Ah, you crazy Swedes with your crazy, wacky humor…
Ah, you crazy Swedes with your crazy, wacky humor…

It's best to simply ambush Roach first. He'll fire on you as soon as you show him a weapon, but if you hide in the shadows near his position, you should be able to draw without him noticing you, then move out and blast him quickly before he cuts you down. With that done, take a moment to shoot out the lights in the room, then fire on the incoming soldiers to kill them all as well, letting your Darkness absorb the gunfire. Kill everyone and devour all of the hearts before returning to Roach's position and using the intercom nearby. Go ahead and tell Harry what's going down, and he'll send you some more hearts to devour.

Return outside and climb the ladder to the fire escape. You'll need to fight your way through a few more goons inside the building before you manage to reach Harry himself. The plans scribbled on the whiteboard in one of the rooms will give you an idea of Paulie's plans: he wants to blow up the orphanage that you were adopted from. Why? Just because, apparently.

Anyway, Harry will fall to his death when you confront him. Drop down to his location and eat his heart to find a Gunner Darkling, then proceed into the subway tunnel nearby to move on.

Canal St. Station / Fulton Station

When you head back into the subway station, you'll get pages from Jenny and Paulie, both asking for you to call them. Jenny wants you to meet her near the orphanage, which involves you taking a subway train from Chinatown to the Fulton Street station. You may have to wait for a train to arrive. If you move towards the subway tracks it should arrive a little more quickly.

Get off at Fulton automatically, then take the steps leading up to St. Mary's Orphanage. You'll have to jump the turnstiles to leave the station and meet up with Jenny. Jimmy the Grape will tell you more about Paulie's proclivities, and give you your next mission: burn the cash that Paulie is holding for the Chicago goombas. There's an exit to Grinder's Lane elsewhere in the station, so return to the platform and find it by following the signs.

Grinder's Lane

Frank Mortis is standing across the way from the subway exit. Talk to him if you wish to learn about a mysterious control box near a gate nearby. That'll get you past the electric lock that prevents access to Paulie's place. You can find the lock if you shoot out the lights in front of the gate, switch on the Darkness, then look into the corners on the opposite side of the gate. Shoot it out, then pass through and kill the guards nearby.

You need to use your Creeping Dark power to unlock the door leading to the cash.
You need to use your Creeping Dark power to unlock the door leading to the cash.

There's a can of gas in the Workshop here, so head in and grab it before returning to the larger door and opening it. You'll need to proceed carefully through the coolers here, as there are plenty of soldiers and a lot of light. Keep shooting out the flourescents if you want your Darklings to stay alive.

Eventually you'll spot a few soldiers in a locked room with money on the table. You can shoot them through the window in the door, if you like, but you won't be able to reach the money yet. To do so, head through the locker room and through the cafeteria to the hallway in the rear of the building. Take a right when you enter the hallway and enter the room at the end. There's a small ventilation shaft here. Enter Creeping Darkness mode and knock the cover off of the vent to send your tentacle through, then snake it up the shaft and knock out the electrical panel there. That will unlock the door to the meat freezer, allowing you to return and burn the money.

With that done, exit the building and return to the subway station. Head back to the St. Mary's exit, where Jimmy will tell you that Jenny has been kidnapped and brought into the orphanage. Time to rescue her!

St. Mary's Orphanage

After killing the guards outside the orphanage and exploring the street, head inside and start looking around. There are a couple of collectibles scattered around, so feel free to look for them if you like. There are also some vignettes that you can watch as well if you feel a dying need to fill in the Jackie/Jenny backstory.

Eventually you'll find Jenny and her captors. Fun times happen, and you'll move on to Chapter II afterwards.

Chapter II: World War One

You wake up in a trench during a particularly nasty battle of World War One. The shift is unexplained at the beginning of the area, so just go with it. Wake up, then start killing your way through the trench, picking up guns and rifles as you go. You'll get the Demon Arm ability soon after you head out, which will let you spear enemies in the chests and break through other obstacles.

Eventually, after a plane goes down in front of you, you'll be able to find a Kamikaze Darkling. These guys are useful in clearing obstacles in your path, so go ahead and summon one now to unlock the small passage nearby, then creep through it.

Ah, what the hell's going on here?
Ah, what the hell's going on here?

You'll reach the end of the trench in short order. There are plenty more soldiers milling about, so shoot them, but keep in mind that they won't stay dead until you devour their hearts. When you're out in the open, you can find a submerged bunker to the north of the trenches (assuming that the ramp you exited from was pointed north), while a statue of Pestilence is to the northeast. Head along the planks near the Pestilence statue, being careful to avoid the deadly scream it emits (there's a collectible near the statue itself if you can get near it), and move to the rear.

When you come to the concrete fortified bunker, you'll be confronted with an impassible doorway. Head past the gunner in the pillbox to the right and make your way around to the little alcove with the Gateway in it. Use your Creeping Dark skill to move through one of the small windows there, preferably the one on the right with the lights behind it. There are two locked doors inside the bunker, so find the switches for both of them and unlock the doors; that will give you access to the bunker.

The Village

You got that right.
You got that right.

After passing through the bunker, you'll soon reach the British trenches. Inquiring with the soldiers within will lead you to a tunnel underneath the bunker, which supposedly leads to some kind of village. Head through the tunnel to the aforementioned village and start scouting around. There are a few collectibles scattered about, as well as plenty of the creepy patchwork soldiers. Your goal is to reach the church, though, which is actually set into the basement of a building. There's a single sign pointing the way. Look for a set of shallow steps heading down to a door with a green cross/circle symbol on it.

Inside, you'll find Anthony Estacado, your great great grandfather. He's got plenty of information for you, now that you're finally curious about what the hell's happening to you. He'll eventually send you off to the Hills, and tell you to find a pair of weapons that can be used to control the Darkness that possesses you. The exit to the Hills can be found across a bridge near the top of the stairs leading out of the aid station.

The Hills

When you reach the hills (you'll need to use the Demon Arm to clear out the large bell that blocks your path), you'll come out to another featureless plain. If you explore a bit, you'll come across plenty of soldiers to kill and hearts to eat, but eventually you'll start getting teleported to the base of a hill at the end of the road that starts at the bottom of the stairs you arrived from. Head up to the top of the hill and talk to the crucified man there; he'll give you the Darkness Guns power if you say the magic word.

With the Guns in hand, return to Tony in the village. You may find yourself getting teleported around, but if you circle the hill, you should find the long road with two small walls on either side of it. Keeping the Darkness out and around you seems to help you avoid the teleportation somewhat. At the end of the road will be the path leading back to the village, so take it back and speak to Tony again to move on to the Sewers.

The Sewers

Take the sewer tunnels on until you reach a locked door; you'll get a message telling you to drain a water chamber nearby before you can move on. Head up the nearby stairs and go through the door at the top. There are two pumps you need to turn on here. One is to the left of the door; simply switch it on and get going. The next is off through the corridors heading the opposite way. It has no power, but if you devour the heart of the soldier lying on the ground nearby, you'll earn the ability to summon a Lightbringer Darkling. Summon one near the pump, and it'll juice it up with electricity.

With both pumps activated, return to the locked door and flip the valve leading on. Climb the ladders to reach the German bunker.

German Bunker

That's one big cannon.
That's one big cannon.

Lots of enemies here, so start shooting out the lights and taking them down from below! You'll probably need to rush the platform they're on to start devouring hearts before they revive themselves.

Head up and outside until you see the cannon. It's…big. You'll need to fight around to the rear of it before you can reach the entrance, which will lead you into a fight with half a dozen or so soldiers. It can be difficult to make headway into the compartment, so you may want to shoot out some lights, then try to get your Creeping Dark to make some kills on the soldiers. Failing that, try to fight your way to the summoning spot and summon a Kamikaze Darkling to blow some of them away. Just keep the lights out and you should be kosher.

Eventually you can make your way to a hatch under neath the cannon's tube, which leads to the control panel. Go ahead and start the engine to end the chapter.

Chapter III: New York

Jimmy the Grape is on your case as soon as you pop back into town. He'll tell you to go see your Aunt Sarah. Follow the signs to the Lower East Side exit from the station and you'll be near Aunt Sarah's place. She's on the corner of Raspberry St.; hers should be the only house you can see through the windows of. Ring the doorbell to head inside. You can also deliver any letters you found in Chapter II via any of the mailboxes on the street.

When you speak to Aunt Sarah, she'll tell you how to reach Eddie Shrote's place. You'll need to take the subway back to the Fulton St. station, then find the service entrance inside the station that will lead you to his place.

Side Quests

There are a few optional quests that you can complete now before heading back on to finish off Eddie Shrote, if you like. These are mostly optional, so don't feel compelled to complete them.

Vinny Mortarello

You'll come across Vinny Mortarello in the Fulton Street station, so talk to him and offer to help him with the problem that he's whining about: Paulie has replaced many of the old-timers in the gang with contracters from the west coast. You don't have to help him, if you don't want to, but if you do he'll probably have a collectible in it for you.

Be careful; this guy can lean against a lamppost without ever actually touching it!
Be careful; this guy can lean against a lamppost without ever actually touching it!

The first gangster is outside your Aunt Sarah's place in the Lower East Side. He's wearing an orange jumpsuit and leaning against a streetlamp. Take him out, then get ready for the reinforcements to arrive. Kill everyone before returning to Vinny.

Next up is Grinder's Lane. There's an exit to it from the Fulton St. station. The gangster here is mixed in with the cops; he's the guy with the camera. Dirty cops! Take them out and eat their hearts.

Back to Aunt Sarah's place after this. Another group of thugs is located nearby. Kill them, return to Vinny.

Chinatown, Orchid and Plum. A single guy in a track suit who will probably be in the alleyway that runs opposite the corner.

The last fellow is in Gun Hill, and is apparently overwatching Shrote's apartment and keeping an eye on him for Paulie. Many people sent in the location of this guy: if you stand by the doorway leading into the basement of the apartment building that Shrote is located in, you can use your Creeping Dark power and look for a window on the wall that has "Mace!" graffiti on it. Inside, you'll find the target, as well as another Darkling costume.

Mitch Deval

Mitch is standing near the gate at the end of the station, near where the train takes off into the tunnel for the next stop on its line. He thinks his brother wandered into the old abandoned subway station beyond the gate, and wants you to help find him. You won't be able to get past the gate without a key, though, and attempting to walk on the tracks leads to your death. Hmm…

Ingrid Pulanski

Ingrid stands by one of the subway platforms, fretting over a lost bracelet. If you agree to help her, you can hop down onto the tracks and look for the bracelet. It's underneath the overhanging platform, just a short distance (20 feet or less) from where Ingrid stands. It does flash, like the collectibles, but it's fairly small and thus easy to miss. Don't get hit by a train while you look for it!

Charlene Warburton

Charlene wants to play a little game with you in the Fulton St. station. She'll throw four coins onto the subway tracks, and you have to nab them all before the train smacks you down. It's doable, but inconsistently. Try jumping down onto the tracks before she throws the coin, then spamming your action button while looking at the ground. Eventually you'll get all four coins and nab the collectible from her.

Jimmy The Grape

Jimmy is in the Canal Street station, on the platform. He tells you that the cops have a snitch, someone who could really hurt the family if he talks. You can't let that happen—you've got to silence the squealer. Unfortunately, Jimmy doesn't know where he is, but he does have a room number. Find room 261 in an apartment building somewhere to find him and shut him up.

The apartment is located in Grinder's Lane, near a taxi. Head in, kill the guards, kill the rat, grab the list, and return to Jimmy.

Dana Cutrone

Dana's sitting on a bench in the Canal St. station. Her boyfriend has changed the locks on her apartment, leaving her with nowhere to go! She wants you to go find him and get the new key for the place for her.

The place is in Chinatown, in a small building that has a corridor that connects Lester Street with Mulberry Alley. If you ask her boyfriend for the keys, he'll hand them over, and you'll also be able to enter the apartment and nab the Lumberjack Outfit for your Darklings. Return the key to Dana for a collectible.

George Hadel

George, the harmonica player, is in the Canal St. station. He says that Scarr, the man who you helped him with earlier, came along, beat him up, and stole his harmonica, then left to the Lower East Side. You can find Scarr on Waterfront Street in the Lower East Side. He'll be standing around with a couple of friends, and will open up on you when you walk up, so get the drop on them and fire away from a distance to take them out. Grab the harmonica and return it to George.

Terence Willis / Cups Hustler

Terence is in the Canal St. station. Look for a black man with a lot of earrings and a nosering. He might be sitting on a cardboard box near a bench. He wants you to kill off a gang that's terrorizing the city. They're located near the Whitefish pool hall, on the northern edge of the Lower East Side. Kill them all and return to Terence for a tip: you can distract the cups hustler nearby and mark one of the cups. If you keep playing the game until the ball winds up in the marked cup, you can win the game and get a free collectible.

Gun Hill

Eddie Shrote's in Gun Hill, which you can access through a service door in the Fulton St. station. Hop across the tracks where no trains come and head through the door to reach the district.

Doomed? Why, yes, you are…
Doomed? Why, yes, you are…

Head into the alleys here until you find a doorway leading into a building. Kill the gatekeeper and steal his key, then use it in the service elevator nearby. You'll come out near Shrote's apartment, so head inside and start laying waste to the place! Shrote will evade you for quite a while, eventually leading you up to the fire escape (use your Dark Arm skill to extinguish lights and deal with the obstacles he throws in your path). After the chopper fires on you for a few seconds, it will blow a rocket into the wall, allowing you to get out onto the fire escape and climb the ladder there.

On the rooftops, climb down until you're on the roof just above street level. It looks like a dead end, but if you climb up onto the air conditioning unit here, you can walk on the ventilation shaft nearby to skirt the wall and keep following Shrote. He'll make his way through a police station, so kill everyone in your way until you get to the roof. You can't actually kill him here; he'll hop into a chopper and take off. Before he blows the roof away, jump through the gap in the fence and return to the subway station.


Head to a phone and return Butcher's page. He'll tell you about a suitcase full of evidence against himself and Paulie. You can only get it if you go through an old abandoned subway station, the key to which is kept in the public toilets in the Fulton Street station. Since you should already be there, head into the men's room, kick open the door to the Out of Order stall, and nab the key. You can find the gate Butcher mentioned near the Grinder's Lane exit from the subway, by the platform.

City Hall Station

You can find a Roadworker's Outfit and a collectible in the lit railway train near the first set of steps here. You can speak to the homeless folk nearby to get some more info, including the fact that some kind of cult is nearby, something revolving around someone named Deval. Find the door with the pentagram on it and head through.

Use your Darklings to trip the boobytraps that you come across in the sewers.
Use your Darklings to trip the boobytraps that you come across in the sewers.

The corridor that leads to the cult is boobytrapped; whenever you see wires strung across the passage, you know that something bad will happen when you pass through. Luckily, you can summon Darklings at the gateways here and send them ahead of you to trip the wires. There's also an electrical wire that is charging a pool of water; shoot it to short it out and let you pass.

Eventually you'll come to a locked doorway that has tripwires in front of it. Tripping the trap will result in poison gas being thrown in front of the doorway. You can't force the door, so use your Creeping Dark power to bust down the vent above the door and smash the wooden plank that's locking the door. With that done, head through and use either your guns or the Demon Arm to break the locks on the two gates on either side of the room. When you can get a shot on him, shoot Deval in the face, then stack wooden crates with your Demon Arm to jump up to his platform. Eat his heart to earn the Black Hole power and use it to raise the gates that block your progress.

Turkish Baths

Make your way up through the tunnels here, using the Black Hole power to clear out any obstacles in your way. When you reach the baths themselves, start Black Holing people from long range to clear them out. Plenty of the cops here have AK-47s and such, so you won't want to deal with them head-on. Luckily, the Black Hole will deal with them quite nicely, allowing you to simply wait for a second, then eat their hearts.

Black Hole will let you power through much of the rest of the game without a problem.
Black Hole will let you power through much of the rest of the game without a problem.

After you get to the second floor, poke around near the showers and sauna area and you'll eventually find a room filled with cops and guns. A single Black Hole will tear the defenders apart, allowing you to ransack the room for equipment, as well as nab the briefcase. With it in tow, you can start backtracking through the baths, where SWAT teams have been sent to deal with you. Again, the Black Hole acts as an instant kill on these guys, so you shouldn't have too many problems. A helicopter will hover over the central area here, but if you fire a Black Hole close enough to the glass ceiling, it is possible to take it down (and earn the Anti-Air achievement if you're playing on the 360).

From there, head back down to the City Hall station and talk to Darke again; he'll warn you about another ambush up ahead, in the subways. You'll hear the chatter well before you reach the soldiers, so when you do wind up spotting them, start chucking Black Holes at their position to take them out and damp the lamps they've set up for you. Fight your way through the tunnels until you reach the Fulton St. station again and meet up with Butcher in the men's room. Shrote will call you soon afterwards; you'll make a meet at the Trinity Church.

Meeting With Eddie

Head to the Canal St. station and head up to the Trinity Cemetary exit. The church itself will have its doors open now, if you check around in the cemetary. If you've read Tony's letter in your inventory and pay attention to the loading screens, you should have an idea of what's going to happen here…

You'll need to use all your wiles to get the police officers to block the light long enough for you to recharge your powers.
You'll need to use all your wiles to get the police officers to block the light long enough for you to recharge your powers.

Head into the church for a heck of a fight. After you lay down the briefcase, a boatload of SWAT members will flood into the church. There will be some gateways on the ground floor, so try to bring in a Gunner to help you weed out the soldiers on the ground while you Black Hole anyone that fires on you. Try to stand under the overhangs on either side of the church; that will prevent half of the soldiers on the balcony from firing at you. If you can survive the soldiers on the ground floor (you should have plenty of M4 ammo to take them down with), then finishing off the soldiers up above shouldn't be a problem. Be prepared for when they hit the floodlights, though; either Black Hole them or shoot them out to give you back your cover of darkness.

After the fight's over, Shrote will tie you to a chair. Use all five dialogue prompts on the two cops near you, and they'll continually walk over and block the lamp that's on you. When all five prompts have been used, you'll have enough power to use your Demon Arm. Do so to finish up the chapter.

Chapter IV: The Cannon

Your goal now is to fire the cannon that you've moved, but…it has no ammo. You'll have to search for some. You can leave the cannon now, but don't cross the bridge in front of it. You can't go very far, and planes will strafe you. Instead, head behind the cannon and follow the zombie soldiers across a ledge until you reach a bunker, which in turn leads you to some sewers. That'll lead you back to the village.

Use your Demon Arm to knock off the grate leading to the river running underneath the village, then find the path leading back up to the streets. Ask Frances Fox about Tony, and he'll tell you that he ran off to the trenches. Search around town until you find the crawlspace leading back to the trenches. Speak to Charlie Hazelgrove in the sewers to obtain a keepsake for his wife, whom you might've seen in the present-day New York.

Tanks, Darkness

Shoot directly into this thing's mouth, and you'll eventually kill it.
Shoot directly into this thing's mouth, and you'll eventually kill it.

When you reach Tony, walk to the side of the tank and climb up to the guns. What follows is a lengthy little tank ride which is a rail shooting sequence: you can't steer the tank, but you can fire the guns. Shoot down the planes and tanks as best you can (the planes are tricky to shoot, but there's an achievement for nailing six of them). It's difficult to die here, at least on Medium difficulty. Just pay attention to Tony's callouts and attempt to shoot anything that shoots you.

At the end of the ride, you'll be attacked by a huge monster that looks a bit like a Shambler from Quake. You'll still be in the tank, so just unload on its mouth when it opens it and eventually the monster will go down.

When you regain control of Jackie, listen to Tony's words before exploring a bit. There are two exits here. The one near the monster's body will lead you to a collectible, but the hallway behind Tony is the one that you need to take to move on. Eventually you'll find the entrance to the German Castle.

German Castle

The shell you need for the cannon is right in front of you when you arrive here. Kill the guards, move up to the walkways, pull the lever to open the door, then jump onto the shell and find the switch that starts the engine. That'll take you back to the cannon, where the shell will automatically be loaded. Kill the guards, climb back to the control room, and fire!

Exit the cannon and cross the bridge. (There's a collectible near one of the lights on the bridge, near the entrance to the castle.) Head into the castle hall beyond the destroyed gate.

Controlling The Darkness

When you reach the hallway, activate all of the extraction machines that you find yourself near. You'll wind up giving up most of your powers, which the Darkness does not find amusing. As Jenny tells you, fighting will only make it stronger. Thus, what you need to do is shoot out the Darklings it summons, then walk straight up to it. Don't click on "Accept It"; just walk as close as you can to your enemy and it should be absorbed into your body. That will let you control it, theoretically, and will also warp you back to New York.

Chapter V: Endgame

Leave from the orphanage here and head to the subway. Vinny should be in the Fulton St. subway station. Speak to him, and he'll tell you to track down Butcher, who's apparently helping out Aunt Sarah on the Lower East Side. Head over to her house and ring the bell to speak to them. The Mother of God winds up being the Santa Maria, a drug boat that Paulie's using to ship drugs into the city. If you manage to take it out, that'll probably wind up sealing Paulie's deal once and for all.

Butcher wants you to hit up Grinder's Lane; there's a radio at the abattoir that you can use to call the boat in. You'll have to fight your way through the abattoir to reach the radio, since the gates to the meatpacking plant are locked; the radio is located near where you picked up the can of gasoline way back when. Have your Black Hole power ready when you leave the radio room, and use it on the car that busts through the gate for a few easy kills.

Hitting The Boat

After calling in the boat, return to the subways and call Butcher. He won't tell you anything you don't already know, so head over to Pier 19. You can reach it through the Lower East Side, by exiting from Waterfront St.

The captain of the boat here is who you need to kill.
The captain of the boat here is who you need to kill.

Plenty of guards are at the pier, so do what you do best and rub them out. The boat is docked by the pier, and is lightly guarded…at least on the outside. When you cross over to it, though, you'll find that there are plenty of well-armed soldiers inside of it. Luckily, the confined spaces lend themselves to your Black Hole power quite well. At this point I think we can all agree that Black Holing is essentially like using a cheat code? Feel free to try and beat the boat without using it at all if you’re looking for a challenge.

Anyway, there's one set of steps leading to the cargo hold inside the boat; that's a dead end. Two paths lead upward; one inside the boat (you'll need to stack some crates with your Demon Arm to compensate for a destroyed bridge), and one outside. Either one will lead you to the captain of the boat, whom you're supposed to kill. With him dead, hop back to the pier to get a text from your Aunt Sarah, who is under attack by Paulie. You'll need to clear out the reinforcements on the pier and head back to the Lower East Side to help her out.

Poor Auntie Sarah

Book it back to Aunt Sarah's place and head inside. She and the rest of the old timers are holed up inside, so you'll have to help them out and defend the house from the goons that are attacking it. Nothing too difficult here: just find a broken window and shoot the soldiers as they crouch behind their cars. When enough of them die, Butcher will drive up and give you the ultimate tip: Paulie is taking refuge on an old abandoned lighthouse out in the water. To get there, you'll have to return to Pier 19 and take a boat out to him. Hmm, a lighthouse. Sounds perfect for a guy whose powers get shorted out in bright lights.

To The Lighthouse

Head to the pier and find the boat on the left side, near the small dock with a set of steps leading to it. When you hit the boat and take off, it's a one-way trip. If you have anything you still need to, do it now; otherwise, take the boat ride and head on.

A total eclipse of the sun will presage your assault on the lighthouse.
A total eclipse of the sun will presage your assault on the lighthouse.

From the lighthouse docks to the house is a heck of a run-and-gun shoot-em-up. You're going to come under fire as soon as you hit the steps, and there won't be many places to hide and recharge your shielding, although knocking out a few of the lights on the landing will help. It's best to just keep moving, and let your Darklings do the work whenever it's convenient. Luckily for you, the Darkness will take over here and summon Darklings on its own accord, so you'll have plenty of them scurrying about.

Eventually you'll reach the main entrance to the castle, where the real fun begins. Soldiers will continually stream from the entrance and fire on you, so you'll want to dim the lights with gunfire and then use your Black Hole power to clear as many of them out as possible. It's not necessary to kill everyone here, and indeed it's not even possible, since reinforcements will continually arrive. Just clear the doorway and move up to it to launch a cutscene.

Inside the Mansion

When you reach the interior of the mansion, the Darkness will kill most of the defenders by itself, with only minor opportunities for you to act.

Paulie's time has finally come.
Paulie's time has finally come.

After the Darkness kills a number of unarmed prisoners, and one of them begs for your life, you'll be able to guide Jackie around the mansion. Head back to the main stairwell and head upstairs. If you poke around long enough, you should find an area where the soldiers were fortifying themselves earlier. Head through the doors here to reach a balcony with a door that leads up to the lighthouse.

When you finally catch up with Paulie, you don't really have many choices as to how to proceed. You'll need to shoot him or injure him in some way to force him to fall to the ground, where he'll proceed to beg you for his life. If you decide to hear him out, he'll eventually grab a pistol and start shooting at you, so feel free to put him out of his misery to see the game's ending.

Note that it's currently unclear whether or not there are multiple endings to the game. If it winds up that there are, we'll update this guide with details!

Xbox 360 Achievements

Name of AchievementTaskPoint Reward
BeginningsComplete the first part of the game25
Into the DarkComplete the second part of the game50
Happy BirthdayAcquire Creeping Dark25
HillsAcquire Darkness Guns25
No Man's LandAcquire Demon Arm25
Crazy For YouAcquire Black Hole25
One With The DarkMax out your Darkness Level25
Anti HeroComplete game on Normal difficulty25
Legendary DarkComplete game on Hard difficulty35
Ghandi Speak to Roach Librezzi in the Hunter's Point Alleyway instead of running in guns blazing10
RoadkillKill the workers in the tunnel in the beginning of the game (Unclear if you have to kill all of them or just a lot of them; either way it's fairly difficult to do.)10
RomanticWhen you visit Jenny at her apartment, sit on the couch and wait around until she kisses you.10
Anti AirBring down the Chopper. (In the Turkish Baths, after the SWAT teams ambush you, point the Black Hole power at the skylight and fire it. That should take down the chopper.)15
Heart of GoldComplete all side missions where you help people out.50
Take a Look at the SkyShoot down six planes during the rail-shooting sections of Chapter IV.50
CannibalDevour 300 enemy hearts25
GunslingerKill 7 people in 15 seconds25
Knuckle, Meet FacePerform a melee kill. (Use a two-handed weapon, like the shotgun, and use the left trigger to perform a melee kill.)5
Bringing People TogetherKill five people with a single Black Hole. 5
GunnerKill 30 enemies with the Darkness Guns15
RipperKill 30 enemies with the Demon Arm15
Rogue KillerKill 15 enemies with Creeping Dark15
Void BringerKill 20 enemies using Black Hole15
Up Close and PersonalPerform one execution move5
ExecutionerPerform 25 execution moves10
Legendary ExecutionerPerform 50 execution moves20
Fashionable Collect all Darkling outfits25
Darkling Master Acquire all Darkling types15
Keeper of the SecretFind and call all secret telephone numbers (look on posters and advertisements in the game world)10
SummonerSummon five Darklings5
Legendary SummonerSummon 50 Darklings20
Picking Up StuffFind a collectible5
Gatherer Find 25 collectibles5
The CollectorFind 50 collectibles10
The Obsessive CollectorFind 75 collectibles15
Completionist Find 100 collectibles20
Patriot Capture a flag in a CTF match5
Flag RunnerCapture 20 flags in a CTF match5
Flag OwnerCapture 50 flags in a CTF match10
Hard To KillTake a large amount of damage without dying in multiplayer5
Hoodlum Be on the winning side in a multiplayer match5
MookBe on the winning side of five matches5
HenchmanBe on the winning side of 20 matches15
Contract KillerBe on the winning side of 50 matches25
Made ManBe on the winning side of 100 matches35
The DonBe on the winning side of 250 matches45
MurdererClaim a Killing Streak in multiplayer5
ButcherClaim 20 Killing Streaks in multiplayer25
Bullet DodgerFinish a four-player or larger multiplayer match with fewer than five deaths20
Darkness MasterBecome "completely in tune with the Darkness". This appears to revolve around the number of kills that you achieve with each of your Darkness powers. Check the Achievements menu for progress and try to kill enemies with the powers that you're not using very often. 100

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