The Darkness II rated MA 15+ Down Under

2K's The Darkness II passes through Australia's classification process without a hitch.


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2K's The Darkness franchise isn't exactly one for the kids; after all, it's about a mafioso who carries around two demon heads that like to decapitate and chomp on beating hearts. Thankfully, the extreme violence of the second game hasn't held back its Australian release, with word coming down this afternoon from 2K Australia that The Darkness II has passed through classification unscathed.

The Darkness II was rated MA 15+, which is the highest classification a game can score in Australia before getting banned. The classification certificate for the game notes that it features "Strong horror violence, blood and gore and coarse language."

Unlike the first game, The Darkness II features stylized graphics, which puts the game more in tune with its comic book roots. Protagonist Jackie Estacado returns as he loses control over The Darkness during an attack on his life. The game follows Estacado as he searches for those behind the attack and uncovers that an organization is out to not only kill him, but also to steal the powers he possesses.

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