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The Darker Jungle Book Movie, Mowgli, Is Now Coming To Netflix

Netflix probably offered a little more than the bear necessities.


Netflix has purchased the rights to Mowgli, the live-action Jungle Book adaptation from director Andy Serkis. The darker take on the Rudyard Kipling classic was in a race with Disney's own live-action adaptation, which Disney won by releasing in 2016.

This version was originally slated for 2016 as well, but has since suffered multiple delays. It recently released its first trailer with a theatrical release planned for October 19, 2018. EW reports that this acquisition delays it once again, as now Netflix will premiere it on its streaming platform sometime in 2019.

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Serkis is best known for his variety of motion-capture work in films like The Planet of the Apes and The Lord of the Rings trilogies. He dons the motion-capture suit in Mowgli as well to play Baloo the bear, while also taking duties behind the camera as director.

The director told Deadline that he needed extra time for his performance capture work, and decided to "let the other film have its moment." He also suggested that Netflix will help them avoid direct comparisons between the two films, and give it more creative freedom to have darker themes and to explore the violence between the animals.

Mowgli stars Rohan Chand in the title role, alongside Christian Bale as Bagheera, Cate Blanchett as Kaa, Benedict Cumberbatch as Shere Khan, and of course, Andy Serkis as Baloo.

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