The Daily Report Returns!

The Daily Report is back after a short break, so let's check out what's going on this week!


What's Happening?

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Games Pages Updated
Remember when we told you that there would be some changes made to the game pages late last week to allow easier searches through places like Yahoo! and Google? Well, it has finally happened! Check out the changes by visiting one of my most anticipated games: Skyrim. Feel free to share your feedback in the Site Enhancements forum.

Uncharted 3 Game Night: Canceled
Due to a technical difficulty and lack of resources, we will be canceling the Uncharted 3 Game Night that was set to take place on Wednesday. We will be revisiting our future potential game nights, as well as taking suggestions for potential game nights for the remainder of 2011.

September and October Trivia Winners
We gave away a lot of really awesome prizes over the past six weeks during our "Now Playing" and "On the Spot" episodes. What was up for grabs? Who won the prizes? Well check out this report for details.

Sonic-Themed Playground
Last Friday, the GameSpot Community traveled to the mystical land of Oakland to build a playground with Sega and Kaboom to build a Sonic-inspired playground. And after a few tons of concrete and sod later, the play space was finished. For more details on this event, be sure to check out Synthia's blog later this week.

Saints Row: The Third - Character Battle
GameSpot's character battle presented by Boost Mobile is off to a strong start. With hundreds of creative submissions, the playing field has been narrowed to a mere 100 entries. Who will win ultimate bragging rights? The character that receives the most votes during the battle period will be deemed the winner of the King of Saints Character Battle and become the first in the queue of characters available in the Saints Row: The Third game. Vote for your favorite NOW!

UPDATE at 2:40 PM PT :Profile URL Changes
We've made some changes to the profile url, which will keep your account secure. The "~self" part in your profile is there for privacy, which will avoid revealing usernames to advertisers. However, at this time if you try to share a blog or content from your profile the page will likely display the user who visits it. For instance, drop by a recent blog and it will show your profile banner and avatar, which is a bug. The best way to resolve it is to have a permalink, which is something the technical staff will resolve at some point.

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