The Crow Reboot Actually Happening, Release Date Confirmed

The much-delayed reboot set to arrive in October 2019.


The much-delayed reboot of cult '90s comic book movie The Crow is getting increasingly close to actually happening. Following Jason Momoa's confirmation that he will star in the movie, an official release date has been announced.

As reported by Variety, The Crow reboot hits theaters on October 11, 2019. It will be directed by Corin Hardy, who previously made the acclaimed horror movie The Hallow and directed the upcoming Conjuring spin-off, The Nun. The movie had been previously known by the title The Crow Reborn, but it is unknown whether this is still the title.

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The movie has been repeatedly postponed, and has shifted production company several times. Aquaman star Momoa has been attached since 2016, but the ongoing delays had left it unclear as to whether he would still be involved. However, in November, Momoa confirmed that he was still on-board with a post on Instagram.

Hardy has been involved for even longer, and in 2015 explained why he was interested in remaking such a classic movie. "I probably wouldn't take this on if there wasn't a graphic novel of that potency," he told Coming Soon. "The idea of remaking a film isn't that appealing, because I love the [original]. [But] I've read James O'Barr's graphic novel of The Crow a million times. There's a lot of depth and details--the level of emotion, poetry, violence, revenge. Now it's 20 years later from that first film, so I felt with all the remakes that are happening I'll go and revisit that graphic novel and give it my best shot."

The Crow first appeared on the screen in the 1994 movie, and it was also adapted from O'Barr's comic book. The film was a critical and financial hit, but it was overshadowed by the accidental death of star Brandon Lee on set. An unsuccessful sequel, The Crow: City of Angels, was released in 1996.

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