The Crew Wild Run Launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

New vehicle classes, updated graphics, and more come in this expansion for The Crew.


Ubisoft's open-world racing gaming The Crew gets its first expansion today, available to all players for digital purchase. Titled The Crew Wild Run, the expansion will overhaul the game's graphics, add new vehicle classes, add dynamic weather, and introduce a new mode called The Summit. The Crew Wild Run is available to PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game, but not Xbox 360.

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Players who don't wish to purchase The Crew Wild Run expansion will still be able to download a free update which overhauls the game's graphics.

The expansion introduces four new vehicle types; dragsters with higher top speeds, drift cars with more precise control, monster trucks that are capable of performing backflips, and motorcycles. Dynamic weather is also being added, with rain and wet roads having an impact on the handling of a car.

New mode The Summit will pit players against each other in a competition testing a "wide range of skillsets and terrains," that usually spans across three days. There will be two Summit Qualifiers per week. Following a month of competing, the best participants will be able to enter the Monthly Summit Finale, where the winner will be awarded an exclusive new vehicle.

Players can also challenge friends using the FreeDrive activities. Brand-new trials designed exclusively for the new vehicles are also being introduced. Ubisoft has also confirmed regular updates for The Crew Wild Run, promising new vehicles, new specs, Summit Rewards, new features, and more.

The Crew was released in December 2014, and earned a less-than-favourable reception in GameSpot's review. Since release the game has had significant updates in the form of patches that fixed gameplay and introduced a host of new content.

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