The Conduit Nintendo Press Conference Trailer Impressions

Nintendo shows a quick glimpse of The Conduit in trailer form during its E3 2009 press conference.


The Conduit

The Conduit may be reaching shelves in a matter of just a few short weeks, but that didn't keep Nintendo from touting its upcoming arrival during its press conference at E3 2009. Nintendo saved its more mature games for last in a schedule otherwise packed with family-friendly fare, which made us more excited than ever to see what this alien shooter has in store for us later this month. Unfortunately, all Nintendo showed off was an incredibly brief trailer. It didn't tell us anything new, but it sure looked pretty--and pretty dramatic.

"It's time to go to work!" These were the words that began the trailer, which was full of first-person alien shooting, lasers, and creepy aliens that looked not unlike those of the Metroid Prime series. Firefights took place across a variety of environments, most notably the interior of a spacecraft. Another voice-over proclaimed: "The city is doomed--you've got to hurry," and the trailer ended with these words splashed on the screen: "The truth. Must. Survive."

What is this truth? What has doomed this city? Well, check GameSpot's previous coverage of The Conduit to learn more about this sci-fi shooter for the Wii. If you would rather find out firsthand, you won't need to wait long. The Conduit is due for release on June 23, 2009.

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