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The Conduit 2 insulated until 2011

High Voltage Software's Wii-exclusive first-person shooter sequel delayed, Classic Controller support to be included.


Between Call of Duty: Black Ops, GoldenEye 007, and The Conduit 2, this coming holiday season was shaping up to be a busy one for Wii-owning first-person shooter fans. However, Sega is leaving it to one of Activision's titles to claim the system's FPS sales crown this holiday season, as High Voltage Software's The Conduit 2 has been pushed to next year. Sega confirmed for GameSpot today that it "is looking into" a first-quarter 2011 release for the title.

High Voltage won't be discharging The Conduit 2 until early next year.
High Voltage won't be discharging The Conduit 2 until early next year.

The delay was originally reported by console-specific site Nintendojo, which also reported new control options for the sequel. Gamers who don't enjoy motion controls in their first-person shooters will be able to use both the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro with The Conduit 2. High Voltage had previously confirmed support for the Wii MotionPlus peripheral as well.

The single-player mode of The Conduit 2 will pick up the original game's alien invasion storyline, with Sega promising dynamic environments, player customization options, and giant boss enemies. As for multiplayer, Sega will introduce new co-op modes for online play, or offline with up to four players sharing a split-screen. The publisher is also promising "increased multiplayer security" for the game, in light of the cheating that undermined the online play of the original game.

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