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The College: It's Not Game Over

Share your best "It's Not Game Over" moment in 50 words or less below, and you'll go in the running to win a brand new PlayStation 4 Pro.

(Sponsored content created in partnership with Western Sydney University) If you ask any champion when it's over, they'll all tell you the same thing. It's not over until the final whistle blows. Even if things haven't gone your way, you play the game until it's done.

That's why Western Sydney University's The College is perfect for students who didn't get the marks they hoped for but aren't yet ready to give up. It's the official pathway program for Western Sydney University, providing myriad options for people who know that it's not yet game over.

The College offers integrated and extended diplomas in smaller class sizes and supportive learning environments. Upon successful completion of the first year, students receive guaranteed entry into the second year of the corresponding bachelor degree at Western Sydney University. Just a single year and they’re back in the game.

It's not something every university provides, with many requiring students to do a general diploma or foundation course, which sets those students a year or more behind their peers. That makes Western Sydney University's The College pathway a phenomenal opportunity for eager students who don't want to waste any time with their education.

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And because it's for the students who know, deep down, that it's never game over until they see that game over screen, we want to hear about those moments in your gaming life when you thought it was done and dusted. Still, you held on and secured the win.

It can be from a multiplayer game: maybe you thought your squad had whiffed it, but you kept it cool and got that PUBG Chicken Dinner or you nailed that 1v5 Ace in Rainbow Six Siege. Or it could be from a singleplayer game — almost everyone has run into a boss they thought they might never defeat, only to knuckle down and grind it out.

Whatever it is, share your best "It's Not Game Over" moment in 50 words or less below, and you'll go in the running to win a brand new PlayStation 4 Pro! And even if you don't win this competition, remember, it's not Game Over until it's over.

Western Sydney University is taking applications for students interested in levelling up their Int stat in 2020, and you can see more details about all the stuff The College at Western Sydney University has to offer by heading to their official website.

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