The Cities of Project Gotham 2

Take an advance look at the locations you'll race through in Bizarre Creations' upcoming Xbox driving sequel.


Project Gotham Racing 2

The Cities of Project Gotham Racing 2

Sydney, Australia
This Australian city is unusual in that it prominently features plenty of both classical and modern architecture. The huge city is nearly 700 square miles and has a population of nearly 4 million, and while the city is serviced by Sydney Harbor and a series of public transportation trains, it also has a system of well-tended roadways--perfect for speed demons to get racing down under.

Developer Notes:
Dianne Botham
City Artist, Bizarre Creations

Sydney was a great city to use because of its instantly recognizable landmarks, such as the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge. It's a city that has a great contrast between old and new architecture. The traditional buildings and shops in the Rocks area combined with the more-modern city district area at the opposite end of George Street provide a beautiful contrast. Globally speaking, Sydney is a remote yet cosmopolitan city in one of the world's most energetic and thriving nations. It was an absolute must [to include in the game]...and it's hopefully where England will win the Rugby World Cup this year.

Yokohama, Japan

Yokohama is Japan's second-largest city and has a population of over 3 million. The city itself is located to the south of Tokyo, but although Yokohama is very much a modern city, it isn't the incredibly crowded metropolis that Tokyo is. The city is home to the Minato Mirai 21 Landmark Tower, the tallest building in Japan, as well as to the International Stadium Yokohoma, which recently hosted the World Cup 2002 finals.

Developer Notes:
Julie McGurren
Lead City Artist, Bizarre Creations

After consulting Microsoft Japan, it was recommended that we should consider Yokohama for inclusion in Project Gotham Racing 2. Their advice proved to be first-class. Yokohama has some great raceable streets around some wonderful, easily identifiable buildings, [and it also has a] world-class skyline. The city offers a unique look--and stylistically it's very different from all the other cities--and fortunately for research purposes, it's a lot quieter than Tokyo! The focal building in Yokohama is the Landmark Tower. It dominates the skyline; our circuit's focus is on the area around this building. In fact, one of the most spectacular views in the entire game [can be seen] as you drive under the arch of the Navios Yokohama Hotel and see the tower. Another unique part of this city is the giant Ferris wheel, which also makes a dramatic impact on the skyline, especially at night. Yokohama has some great road layouts, which make for some spectacular races, and the opportunity to drive over a wooden bridge, which in reality is just for pedestrians, is not to be missed!

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