The Callisto Protocol: How To Get The Skunk Gun

This can make or break you in the early hours.


The Callisto Protocol isn't an easy game--it can pose quite the challenge even on its easiest difficulty, actually. As such, you'll want to have as many weapons as possible at your disposal as you make your way through hoards of enemies, which means exploring for missable schematics that can let you craft new guns. One early game schematic is for the Skunk Gun, and missing this one could have a detrimental effect on your survivability. We'll tell you where to find it below.

How to get the Skunk Gun

The Skunk Gun Schematic is found in Chapter 3: Aftermath. During this chapter, you will experience an elevator crash that will lead to you exploring a dark and horror-filled basement. In this new section, you'll notice a door with a fuse box that you can't use yet. Remember this location.

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Make your way through the basement until you stumble upon a group of four foes that you'll have to take out. Make quick work of them and look around this area for the fuse and pick it up. Instead of using it on the nearby fuse box, head all the way back to that box mentioned above and use it there first.

When you open the door using the fuse, you'll notice a ventilation shaft in the next room. Crawl through it and come out the other side, then look on a desk in here for the Skunk Gun Schematic. Once you've obtained the schematic, you'll have to take it to a Reforge to craft the Skunk Gun.

The Skunk Gun is the first of three missable weapons throughout The Callisto Protocol. If you don't want to miss anything, check out where to find all weapons.

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