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The Callisto Protocol Goes Gold Ahead Of December Release

Striking Distance Studios has completed development on its first game.


The Callisto Protocol, the next game from Dead Space and Call of Duty veteran Glen Schofield, has gone gold. This means development on the game is finished to a point where it is ready to be printed on discs. The developers at Striking Distance Studios aren't just sitting around until the game's December 2 release date, however, as it's understood that work continues after this milestone.

In any event, "going gold" is a major milestone in a game's development, and it means The Callisto Protocol is one step closer to releasing in stores and digitally. This is Striking Distance's first game.

A horror game set in a prison on Jupiter's moon, Callisto, The Callisto Protocol was announced as a game that operated inside the PUBG universe. PUBG owner Krafton also owns Striking Distance, and the idea--at one point in time--was to create a wider, connected PUBG universe. Those plans were scaled back, and now The Callisto Protocol stands on its own, though it will have "little tiny things" in it that connect to PUBG.

The Callisto Protocol features horrific death animations that were inspired by grisly real-life car wrecks. You can check out this trailer to see some of the gruesome ways you can die in the game.

Schofield, the game's director, co-created the Dead Space series before joining Activision where he led development on multiple Call of Duty games. Schofield recently apologized for comments he made about how he and the team were working 6-7 days a week for 12-15 hours at a time to finish the game.

In other news, Striking Distance has confirmed that The Callisto Protocol will have a 60fps mode, a piece of news the studio shared after the developers of Gotham Knights confirmed the game is capped at 30fps.

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