The Bud Light Knight Gets Murdered In Game Of Thrones Super Bowl Ad

Dilly dilly?


If you're watching the 2019 Super Bowl, you probably saw plenty of Bud Light commercials over the course of the evening--many of which were about corn syrup. However, during one spot in the second quarter, the Bud Knight met his demise at the hands of The Mountain.

It was turning out to be another silly Bud Light ad, where the King and Queen were enjoying a couple of beers and about to watch the Bud Knight triumph during a joust. At least, that's what they thought would happen.

Sadly, the Bud Knight was knocked off his horse during this exhibition, and the new champion was none other than Gregor Clegane, also known as The Mountain from HBO's Game of Thrones. Clegane walked up to the fallen knight, and used his thumbs to gouge out his eyes. We're all presuming the Bud Knight is now dead.

It didn't end there. A dragon flew overhead and burned everything to the ground. Is "dilly dilly" no more? This was easily one of the oddest commercials during the final NFL game of the season.

While this was a sad moment, we were all reminded that Game of Thrones is returning for its final season this April. The first trailer for the new season aired back in January in a cryptic teaser, which didn't contain any actual footage. However, it did hint at the fates of members of the Stark family.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO for its final season on April 14 at 9 PM ET / PT. And you can watch the Super Bowl live while the game is still going on.

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