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The Boys Star Has Hilariously Graphic Reaction To Performing His Own Stunts On Gen V

Homelander Antony Starr may have regretted agreeing to do this stunt.


Homelander's cameo in The Boys may have been an incredible moment for the show, but actor Antony Starr has revealed that filming it was a bit of a nightmare due to one particularly hairy stunt.

In new footage released by Culture Crave on X (formerly Twitter), Starr is shown harnessed in for a stunt where Homelander makes a dramatic entrance on the God U campus. As he's hoisted higher and higher into the air for the flying scene, the New Zealand actor lets loose with a handful of choice profanities.

In another tweet, Culture Crave quotes Starr speaking on how he regretted agreeing to do the stunt. "That's the face of a man going way too high into the sky and really wishes he said 'stunt guy can do it,'" he said. "Genuinely don't know how the f**k I didn't pee the suit. Or worse."

Starr also shared some behind-the-scenes pictures from filming the season finale on his Instagram, with the caption: "Face of regret. The place I went that caused the regret….high…. The boss that also regretted putting his actor that high." Despite the stunt, the actor says he "had a great time on Gen V with the younglings."

The Amazon Prime franchise will continue with a fourth season of The Boys coming next year, with the show likely showing some repercussions of the events of Gen V. A second season of Gen V has also been greenlit, though it doesn't have a release window yet.

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