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The Boys Shares A Closer Look At Season 4's New Supes

Meet Sister Sage and Firecracker, the newest members of The Seven in The Boys Season 4.


At the end of The Boys Season 3, the Seven didn't have any female members of the team. Starlight quit and Queen Maeve faked her death. The last woman to join the Seven was Stormfront, and that was a PR disaster once her Nazi history was exposed. But in The Boys Season 4, two new female "heroes" are joining the Seven: Sister Sage and Firecracker. Now, Prime Video has shared the best look yet at the show's latest supes.

Susan Heyward is playing Sister Sage, while Valorie Curry is portraying Firecracker. Both characters were created for the show, so they don't have counterparts in the original comic by Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson. Firecracker has been a playable operator in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III since last year, but we don't know much about her powers yet. She is notably one of the few supes to carry a sidearm.

We know a little bit more about Sister Sage. Her power reportedly makes her the most intelligent woman in the world. She was also a former member of Teenage Kix, a group of young supes who are also owned and managed by Vought International. Basically, they're The Boys' version of the Teen Titans. It's unclear if either Sister Sage or Firecracker are on board with Homelander's increasingly unstable persona. But considering their affiliation with the Seven, they're no friends of Butcher and his team.

The Boys Season 4 will premiere with three episodes on June 13 on Prime Video. New episodes will follow weekly thereafter.

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