The Boys Season 3: Showrunner Teases The Most Buck-Wild Storyline From The Comics

Eric Kripke, showrunner of Amazon's The Boys, has tweeted a tantalizing hint about Season 3.


Like many of Garth Ennis's comics, which also include Preacher, The Boys is a famously over-the-top series, full of gratuitous nudity, sexual acts, violence, gore, hateful language, cursing, and generally nasty content. You wouldn't necessarily know it from watching the Amazon adaptation, but that might be about to change, judging by a tweet from The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke.

Granted, Season 2 of The Boys was topped off with a very literal bloodbath of exploding heads, an event that isn't even from the source material, but was invented for the show--and to great effect. But even that might be topped in raw gratuitousness by the comics story arc known as "Herogasm," which Kripke has revealed is being adapting for The Boys Season 3.

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In a tweet, the showrunner wrote, "From day one, everyone dared me to make this episode. CHALLENGE MET MOTHERF***ERS." The words are accompanied by a screenshot of a script for episode 306, titled "Herogasm," written by Jessica Chou.

Chou has no previous writing credits on the show, according to IMDB, but as comics readers ourselves, we're intimately familiar with the storyline being referenced here--and there's good reason why Kripke felt "dared" to make it. The story involves the "supes" in The Seven (and others) traveling to a resort for some much-needed R&R, which in this case means having a giant, week-long superhero orgy with hundreds of supes and high-paid prostitutes while The Boys surveil them in secret.

The storyline takes up most of volume 5 of the comics, and we'd place money on it holding a record for sheer amount of nudity in a mainstream comic. It's unclear exactly how depraved the show's version will get; up to this point, the adaptation has barely expanded the roster of known supes beyond The Seven, besides Easter egg-like references to a few other teams from the comics, so the "proceedings" might be smaller in scale on the screen. On the other hand, Kripke has a lot more freedom on Amazon than he did on his previous show, Supernatural, which aired on The CW. Defiant as the showrunner seems in this tweet, he might have something truly heinous and awe-inspiring in store for The Boys Season 3's adaptation of "Herogasm."

As for when The Boys Season 3 might arrive, Kripke said last year that he hopes to begin shooting in 2021. Click here for everything else we know about The Boys Season 3.

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