The Boys Season 3 Image Reveals Jensen Ackles As Soldier Boy

The fan-favorite character will appear in the next season of Amazon's superhero series.


The first image of Jensen Ackles in the upcoming The Boys Season 3 has been released. The actor will play the fan-favorite character Soldier Boy in the third season of Amazon's dark superhero comedy.

Soldier Boy is the "original" superhero, who claims to have fought in World War II, and in the The Boys comic books, he is the leader of the superhero team Payback. He wears a superpowered suit that was designed by Laura Jean Shannon and Greg Hopwood. Check the image out below:

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In a statement, Shannon described the inspiration behind the suit's design. "Soldier Boy is the original bad ass," she said. "Our goal was to highlight a bygone era of overt masculinity and grit. With that pedigree we dove headfirst into baking in an all-American quality grounded in a military soldier’s practicality with a heavy dose of old school cowboy swagger. We knew that the actor had to have Steve McQueen looks and chops with a John Wayne attitude, luckily Jensen Ackles embodies all of that."

Ackles is best known for the long-running lead role of Dean Winchester in Supernatural, as well as for roles in Smallville and Dawson's Creek. He also voiced Bruce Wayne in the new two-part animated DC movie Batman: The Long Halloween.

The Boys Season 3 doesn't have a release date yet. However, showrunner Eric Kripke previously revealed that the comics story arc known as "Herogasm" will be adapted in the new season. This story involves the "supes" in The Seven traveling to a resort to engage in a week-long superhero orgy.

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