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The Boys Musical Scene Almost Happened In Season 2

Showrunner Eric Kripke reveals that Kimiko's musical number was supposed to happen a year earlier.


With Episode 5 of Season 3 of The Boys arriving on Prime Video this week, viewers were treated to a very fun musical number starring Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara). The silent character finds her voice as she partakes in a musical dance number with Frenchie inside a hospital. However, the idea of Kimiko getting her own musical number isn't new. It was going to happen in Season 2.

Showrunner Eric Kripke is a huge fan of musicals and wanted to bring the magic of old Hollywood musicals to the Prime Video series. And this is something he's had planned for a while. "In Season 2 of The Boys, we thought we had our opportunity," Kripke told GameSpot. "And it was going to be this moment for Kimiko very similar, where she was going be able to really express herself and so much of this season is about, even though she doesn't necessarily speak out loud, Kimiko finding her voice. And so we couldn't do it last season, sadly. It just didn't fit into the story, ultimately."

Kripke went on to explain that during production of Season 2, he made a mistake. "In Season 2, it felt stable enough that I made the horrible rookie producer mistake, where I told her about it. And so I got the reaction last year, actually, where she was like, so excited. 'Oh my god, I've always wanted to be doing a musical and thank you so much.' And then like, I had to call her three weeks later and be like, we cut this scene, which is such a rookie mistake. Like, you just never do it until you know for sure what's there. And so this year, it wasn't so much a surprise as it was, I am making good on my promise to you, Karen, here is your musical number. And you know, and she was obviously really excited."

"Oh, it was great. It was wonderful," Fukuhara told GameSpot. "For two whole seasons, I was covered in dirt, covered in mud and blood. And finally, I got this clean, colorful, beautiful musical number. It was truly a dream come true."

The Boys has already been renewed for Season 4, and this season has been a wild one, introducing Jensen Ackles as the explosive Soldier Boy--one of the villains this year. One of the more wild moments this season so far was The Deep eating one of his friends, and actor Chace Crawford discussed filming it.

In GameSpot's review of Season 3 of The Boys, Mat Elfring said, "The Boys continues to be one of the best superhero TV shows. It's a series that knows its identity and leans in hard to it every single season. It continues to grow and evolve the world it lives in without losing that identity either. The cast is delivering some of the best performances of the series here as well. The Boys Season 3 is a must-watch for summer viewing."

New episodes of The Boys arrive to Amazon's Prime Video streaming service on Fridays.

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